Monday, June 18, 2012

Half a year

Talmage is 6 months old now (as of June 4th).  It's so crazy for me to think about because time sure has flown, but at the same time the beginning of December seems like forever ago!

Talmage is a growing boy.  He is such a happy boy too.  He's always smiling and even smiles at strangers (Danica took longer to do that).  He LOVES his sister.  Dani can make him laugh like no one else can.  He is just captivated by her.

He started on rice cereal at about 4 months and is now eating some veggies.  He loves squash!  It seems he wont be as picky of an eater as Dani, but time will tell.

He sleeps from about 6:30 or 7:00 to 6:00 or 6:30... so about 11 1/2 hours. If we're lucky, he also sleeps about 3-4 hours a day.  He goes to sleep really well... staying asleep through the whole night had been a big problem, but he recently has started sleeping through the night.  Hallelujah!  Although that has sort of taken a break because he's teething right now.

Talmage has been extra fussy and clingy lately.  The poor kid is getting some teeth right now, but they're not the bottom front teeth, that typically come in first.  I think it's his incisors that are coming through!  That might look funny for a while.  I believe all four are thinking about making an appearance soon, but his bottom left is almost here.

He is often called a Drool Monster or The Drool King around here.  He drools so much!!  It's like he's a leaky faucet.  I believe he's been teething for a while now... we weren't sure if that was the case because it wasn't the bottom front, but it's been confirmed by his Dr. and very obvious to us now too.  That explains all the drool.

Different than being clingy, Talmage has always been a very cuddly boy.  He always nuzzles and I love it!  I hope that continues for a long time. 

Tricks...He is really good at tummy time now.  Half the time he rolls straight to his stomach though.  He's sitting up on his own really well now too.  He occasionally still needs someone or something to catch or protect his fall, but he's getting the hang of it.  He does well at picking things up and examining them... or sometimes looking at it for two seconds before sticking them straight to his mouth.  At his 6 month appointment I filled out a questionnaire of the things Talmage is doing at this point  and The Dr. said he's above average for his age.  Which makes us very happy. (Hey, I'm allowed to brag)  Talmage is holding his bottle all on his own now and that makes us really happy too.

He seems like he's starting to wave.  I want to say it's too early for that, so it's probably involuntary, but it's fun to see him do it at appropriate moments.  He's also making mama and dada sounds and I love it when I get him up from a nap or something and he's saying "mamamama" like he knows that's my name.  It also sounds like he's saying, "Hi" when we first greet him.  I'm sure he's just copying my sound, cause I say hi to him a lot.

We love having Talmage around :) Things are definitely harder and busier with two kids, but it's so much fun to see little Talmage learning new things all the time.  He's growing so fast!  It's bittersweet.

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