Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's about time I do some updating...

I have often been thinking about posting on our blog, but then I'd always think... there's nothing to update!... So I haven't... obviously.  Well, I looked at my phone the other day and realized there were a ton of pictures on there of things we have done lately.  So yeah, we have been busy.  I have some pictures to prove it.

One thing we did lately was go to a yummy restaurant called Emmett and Ethel's.  At Emmett and Ethel's they have a couple food eating challenges.  If you know Tyler, you know he can't pass up a good food eating challenge.  (See here)

We go out to dinner about once a month with our good friends the Gilberts, so Jordan and Tyler decided to both do the Man VS Emmett challenge, while Nicki, Danica, and I watched on.  (Talmage didn't watch... he enjoyed crying instead... and I believe he must have enjoyed it because he did it basically the whole time. He had enough fun and fell asleep right before we left).

Man VS Emmett.... or Man VS 6 quarter pound beef patties, 6 slices of cheese, 6 pieces of bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, and ketchup piled high.  There's also the "healthy" 1 lb portion of fries.  Eat it all up within 45 minutes.

Before you see a bunch of pictures of the evening, I want to show you the difference between a regular sized meal (mine) and the Emmett Challenge meal (Tyler's)

An Avacado Bacon Burger Meal... which was still a good sized meal... I couldn't finish it. 
The Man vs Emmett meal

Tyler and Jordan vs Emmett

They had to eat the burger in two sections just to get their mouths around it

Cutiepie Danica enjoying her hotdog

They had to stand up to finish their food

The last bite...
(for some reason I can't embed the video so you can
check out (my deep manly voice, blah, and) the last bite
(Talmage wasn't that whiny the whole time we were there... don't worry)

All gone!
He had to eat all the lettuce and stuff that had fallen onto his tray as well.

 He's da "Man"
(and man!... with no parenthesis)


  1. I don't know how Tyler can do that. I seriously get sick when I watch people force the last bites. I want to throw up for them.
    Did he throw up later? Was he sick?

  2. Haha! The whole time we were reading this post Brent was saying, "Mmmmmm..." Seriously, what's up with these boys?! Lol.

  3. so, other than clogged arteries, did tyler get anything for beating the challenge?

  4. Natalie - He wasn't sick later (I don't think Jordan was either). He was just really full. Actually I take that back, I think he got a little sick of the mayo. He doesn't like it and didn't know he could get it without, so those last bites were especially hard when he had to eat something he didn't like while being full.

    Janell - Haha, I know... I don't understand it. I guess the burger sounds good, but just being a lot smaller :) They might be back for another challenge... Man VS Ethel. I believe they have to eat 12 scoops of ice cream!

    Katie - Haha, no. I think they used to give you the meal for free if you ate it all in 45 minutes, but too many people could do that so they had to stop. You get a picture of you holding your stats (like my last picture) on their wall of fame.

  5. psh.... i'd have to get a reward better than that for putting myself through that. that's probably why i'll never try. the ice cream one sounds a lot more up my alley, though.


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