Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Two posts in one day, whuppah!  (That's my Chandler-like whip crack) I'm on a roll.

During the month of November, I usually (...meaning the last 2 years) keep a daily log on either my blog and/or facebook of the things I'm thankful for.  I really enjoyed doing that and will probably continue again in the future, but this year I decided to do something different.

Well, a few weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity to go to Time Out For Women with some of my sisters...

(Shout out to my beautiful sisters...
And continuing on...)

It was  a wonderful, rejuvenating weekend that reminded me how much I love the Spirit in my life.

As I was thinking about that weekend and the (then) upcoming month of November I realized (in a round-about way) that one of the best ways I can show my thankfulness is by drawing nearer to God. 
Basically everything I'm thankful for, stems from God, the creator of all things.  So, I feel like doing things that help me to feel his Spirit more abundantly in my life would be a great way to show God that I love Him and show my gratitude to Him.

So, my new challenge this month was to do something everyday that is spiritually uplifting. 
I have loved this new challenge!  There are lots of things I can do including listening to gospel music (right now, my favorite being Jessie Clark Funk, You Know Better Than I), reading scriptures, and reading the Ensign.

Along with that, Danica and I have taken on the challenge to say a prayer together everyday that only gives thanks.  We usually say it each morning and I have Danica think of the things she's thankful for, and that's what we say.  (I had to explain blessings, and Thanksgiving, and giving thanks before this started and she still gets words mixed up... it's cute) 
And let me tell you, the things that she says she's thankful for (or, as she says, blessed for) are so precious and cute!

This is definitely something I'll make a tradition and should continue on doing.


  1. i like that. i mean, the facebook posts and stuff are good, but sometimes i feel like they're just a bit ostentatious, you know? no offense to people who are doing/have done it, but i feel like the way you're doing it now is more internalizing and meaningful. i don't know... all i'm saying is, good job!

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean.

      I really am thankful for the things I posted on Facebook, but sometimes I felt like I was struggling to find something to be thankful about... probably cause I felt the pressure to think of something good/unique... especially as the month went on, which I shouldn't have been doing.

      And thanks!


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