Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Halloween.... Halloween.... Lots of fun on Halloween!
(Someone please tell me they know what that's from... I feel like Kelly or Katie should know.  I totally hear a creeeepy voice singing it)

We actually had 5 shindigs (I guess I'm counting trick-or-treating as a shindig) to go to this year to celebrate Halloween, but with sick kids we were able to just do two.

First we went to Tyler's work party.  They always invite the employees' families to come and go trick-or-treating.  They also had a haunted house this year.  Tyler helped put that together and scare people walking through. It was pretty sweet.  It was too scary for Danica.
Later that night we went trick-or-treating and Danica was much more enthused about going around the neighborhood.  We all went (Talmage lounged in the stroller) and had fun together, seeing lots of neighbors out too.  When we got back there was a non-stop flow of trick-or-treaters and we ran out of candy.

Danica is super cool and wanted me to keep snapping pictures of all her poses.
Talmage, on the other hand, was really hard to capture
He kept walking or crawling away.

It may appear the Tyler does not fit in to our Disney theme, but he's actually dressed as Walt Disney (jk, jk)


  1. You guys all look so good! Mickey and Minnie are adorable!

  2. I really want it to be from the Disney Halloween thing with Donald and Huey, Dewey and Louie, but the only part of that song I remember is "Trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat for Halloween, when ghosts and goblins .... your nightmares will come true." I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.
    Tyler could be a chimney sweep that slipped and fell down a chimney :)

    1. Oh, I need to watch that! Danica watched it a couple times on Youtube, but I didn't pay attention.
      Haha, that's funny about Tyler being a chimney sweep.

  3. the "halloween, halloween..." thing was from when we were in yw and sang to the people in the convalescent home. meghan taught us the song. then one of the old ladies (that's the creepy voice you imagine) started singing it. she'd go "halloween, halloween... listen to me sing!"

    and yes, your kids' outfits are really cute and yours turned out awesome. tyler' i good too i guess, but i'm just more partial to disney and would get excited about those more than i would about blood and stuff. no offense, tyler.

    1. Yes, yes!! That's totally where it's from! (but you knew that) I completely forgot about the lady... and that night. Oh, that was great :)

      I get excited about Disney too. I think I tend to think of costumes that are Disney related first... not sure when the last I dressed scary was.


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