Friday, March 30, 2012

Dani Girl

I like to keep record of the funny things Danica says nowadays.  She seriously cracks us up!  (I shared some of these on Facebook)

*I was wiping off Dani's face after dinner and told her to stand really still... like a statue.  So she held still and told us, "I'm a statue and statues don't talk.  See, like this: (and she yells,) 'NO TALKING!!!'"

*Dani started randomly singing, "I'm a library. I'm a library. I'm a library." Then she told me I was a library. I asked her, "Am I a library or a librarian?" She replied, "You're a library out."

*Danica puts on one of Talmage's bibs...
Dani- I need to wear this when I eat.
Me- Sorry, that's one of Talmage's bibs for when he drools, so he wont get his shirt wet and get cold.
D- Maybe I can spit up on it?
M- (haha) Um, no I don't want you to spit up on it.
D- Maybe I can drool on it?
M- No thank you.
D- Yeah! You wanna watch? You can laugh at me.

*This morning Dani wanted to help me do the dishes. So I had her put the clean ones in the drying rack. As she was doing it, making sure the water wouldn't pool up in the cups, she said, "You're giving me a headache!" Surprised, I asked, "I'm giving you a headache? Why?" Dani's response: "Because you have me put the dishes in upside down."

*Danica asked to help make Talmage's bottle. She put a scoop of formula in and, in the process, spilled a little on the counter. She put the top on and, without me knowing, stuck her finger in the spilled formula and licked it. She gave me this look then described the taste, "It's... sparkly... and yucky!" :) haha... sparkly? silly girl.

*We had 5 large onions chopped and in the fridge.  This is mine and Dani's conversation when I opened the fridge door.
D- What's that smell?!
M- It's onions.
D- Yucky!
M- They're not yucky. They just smell strong.
D- ...and yucky!
(Haha. Then in her sassy voice she says,)
I don't like onions. You should take them out and give them to someone else!

*I was holding Talmage on the couch while he was sleeping and Dani was at the table coloring and making puppets. She kept asking me to make puppets with her, but I told her I couldn't. Then (in kind of an alien/evil voice ) she said, "Come draw puppets with me you silly, busy duck... You're a duck, mommy. You're a duck"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eyes, hair, mouth, and cheeks

Now there's a new way to sing the song...

I did a girly post like this before. I thought it was fun to do and hear some of your favorite items as well.  Some of the items I use regularly have changed so I kind of wanted to update and share some more stuff. 

*I don't use all of this stuff everyday

On my face:

Face Wash -
Every morning and night I use...

I love this stuff.  It works really well for my skin.  It claims that 100% of people had clearer skin in as little as 1 day, and that statement seems accurate in my case.  For the kit it's like $16 at Walmart.  It says it lasts for a month, but mine lasts more like 3 months.  I do sometimes need to buy the littlest bottle sooner, but it's also sold separately.

Eyes - 
I took a gamble and bought a bunch of e.l.f products online not too long ago.  Well it wasn't that big of gamble because everything on their site is inexpensive... most things are $1.  Things are kind of small (like travel size), but seem to last a really long time... plus the small products are kind of convenient.  Way worth it for a $1.  I bought more products than I listed below; those are just my favorite.  You can ask me about other products if you're looking to buy from them, I'll let you know if I've tried it.
 All the e.l.f. product images were found on e.l.f.'s site

           e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip
                        e.l.f. Essential Duo Eye Shadow Cream

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner                               e.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick

I use the Facial Whip on my eyes and cheeks... you can also use it on your lips, though I never have.
I love the Cream Eyeliner.  It glides on really smooth and because it's not liquidy I have good control (the little brush is included in the box).
I use the All Over Stick (in Spotlight) on the inside corner of my eye, taking it into to the lid and a little under the eye as well.  I also use it to highlight under my brows.  They have lots of colors and it can be used on your eyes, cheeks, and lips.
I love using cream eyeshadows. I used to always get Maybelline's cream shadow pack, but I couldn't find it anymore, so now I buy Revlon's and really like a couple of their pallet choices.
(This being my favorite...)

 Illuminance Creme Shadow - Precious Metals - by Revlon

I do have a few eye shadows that are not creams. 
I prefer the loose powder eye shadows (unless I'm lining my eyes)

I love Jesse's Girl.  I originally bought their eyeshadows because of their price, but they're really pretty and last forever!  I've also bought a regular brown eye shadow and that thing lasted me like 4 years... using it everyday!  It was awesome.

There isn't anything too special about this next eye shadow.  The product is good and inexpensive, but I usually mix the gold color with another by wearing it over base color (maybe their other colors are better).  I like it when I do that.  I also love that it comes with a little brush inside the bottle (not attached to the lid)

I've gone through many mascaras (I mentioned this in my other post) and by far, this one is my favorite!  It does what it claims... it really does make you lashes full and soft.  I will forever buy this mascara.  I've bought others and I still go back to this one.

There is one other mascara I use sometimes though...
This one does make your lashes appear longer, but they also get clumpy really easily.  I think it might dry pretty quickly because a second coat creates gaps in your eyelashes clump and it eventually seems to get flaky.  One coat is really nice, so work fast.  I've also tried it over my Full N' Soft mascara and that helps.

Cheeks - (again, I don't use these products all at the same time)

I love Maybelline products.  They seem to always work well for me...
I really like these to mousse products.  They glide on so nicely and give great coverage... especially for what little is used.  They are very light and fluffy.
 I had no idea this was an under-eye concealer!  Haha, I've been using it for years as just a regular concealer.  Most days this is all I wear on my face.  Oh well... I'm going to keep using it the way I do.

 This stuff covers really well and it doesn't look like you're wearing any powder.  I only wear it as a powder foundation, but you can also make it into a liquid foundation too.  Pretty snazzy!

I don't use this product as much anymore because it's so dry here in Utah (plus it's Winter), but if, for some reason, I get an oily/sweaty face this product is nice for a quick fix.  It's pretty disgusting to see all the oil on the sheet afterwards, but it works.

I usually like using Tresemme's Smooth and Silky shampoo and conditioner, but with Tyler working at Xango, we've been trying the Juni shampoo and conditioner.  It's healthy for your hair and doesn't leave any build up like a lot of shampoos and conditioners do.  I like that it has mint scent in it.  It's very invigorating.  I still really like Tresemme, but the Juni is a great option too. (I REALLY like their lotion)

I put this stuff on before I blow dry or style my hair.  I haven't tried any other heat protectant products so there are probably better products than this, but I love it and it lasts a long time.  It's inexpensive and I think it's very important to protect your hair.
I first heard of this product from Cori.  I'm SO glad she mentioned it. 
I love this stuff.  It makes my hair soft and less frizzy... and I've got me some frizzy hair.

Gloss Drops by Paul Mitchell
This stuff controls my frizz really well too.  This one is for after your hair is dry.  It keeps those fly-aways at bay, but if you put too much on, it makes your look hair greasy fast.

Lips -
I don't like to wear lipstick or lip gloss and a lot of chapsticks. 
I just don't like the feeling, but I really enjoy wearing this chapstick... it has to be Vanilla Mint

Oh I just want to mention this one too.  I bought some nail polish about a month ago.  I bought it at Walmart and it was inexpensive.  I found I really like it!  I painted it on Danica and it basically dried instantly!  It dried faster than any of the "fast drying" polishes I've tried before.  It doesn't mention that it is fast drying, so I was very pleasantly surprised.  I love it because Dani can't hold still very long to let them dry and I usually have to get up shortly after I paint mine.

Well that concludes that.
 (Kudos to you if you made it all the way through...)

What products do you guys use?  What are your favorites?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Well the month is about half over and I'm really slacking on updating our blog. But we have been busy.
There are 5 posts below.  I've been taking pictures on my phone so when I upload them onto my computer my Photo A Day Challenge pictures will be backdated.

CA Trip and Wedding - lotsa pichas

We just went to California for Tyler's brother's wedding.  We traveled to Colorado on Wednesday, meeting up with his parents, and then we all traveled to Southern California on Thursday.  On Friday all of Tyler's family and a few friends all had breakfast that morning and then went to the beach.  Saturday was the wedding at the San Diego Temple.  Sunday we drove the 15 hours back to Colorado and then Monday we drove back to Utah. 
I was really worried, but the kids did great with all the driving!  Dani started running a fever the last day we were there.  So she was a little whiny during the drive to Colorado.  Then, with 1 1/2 hours left, driving back home she threw up.  After that she was so much better.  Considering, it was still a great trip and it was fun to do with Tyler's parents.

Here are the pictures from the trip:

from the drive to CA...

 At Del Mar Beach...
Dani LOVED digging in the sand

At the temple...


At the luncheon...

 The view from restaurant....