Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can you say mmmm...?

So Tyler and I celebrate Taco Tuesday, where we make tacos for dinner every Tuesday. We love having that tradition, so we decided a month or so ago to also start the tradition of pizza once a week. (The day for this tradition hasn't been set in stone yet...)
We make homemade pizza!! Mmmmm. When I say we, I mean Tyler. Tyler makes homemade pizza and I help put toppings on and hand him oven mitts and stuff like that.
On our very first date, Tyler and I made pizza with the very same recipe we use every week. For some reason, the pizza on our first date didn't taste so well. We don't know why. (I think Tyler kinda feels like he has to make it up to me each time we make pizza.) No worries though because ever since, Tyler's pizza has tasted divine. Check out these pictures. You'll just have to imagine the smell and taste.

The pizza before hitting the oven

Making the breadsticks

Pizza's ready!!


Doesn't that look good?!


  1. That really does look soo yummy! I would love the recipe! Post it to your cookin blog! Your new layout is way cute! I love the slide show.

  2. Yes it does look so good! Could you add it to What's Cooking??? Please. :) I would love to make it. Thanks!

  3. Hi Emily! Thanks for the comment! We are doing really well. Your blog is cute, too. You two make a really cute couple. This pizza looks delicious! You should definitely share the recipe:)

  4. Hey emily, here's my email address,
    I like reading your blog, and I love homemade pizza.

  5. I want to have a pizza night too. can have you're recipe? my kids would love it. we can call it the Pearson Pizza recipe.

  6. yes, I can say mmmmm!! that look so yummy emily. we have pizza night every friday here in washington with scotts family, but I have never tried homeade pizza...I think I will this week!


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