Monday, October 27, 2008

Memory Lane Monday + Thankful Thursdays

So I've been such a slacker on Memory Lane Monday and Thankful Thursdays that I decided to combine them today and then hopefully get back on track here on out.

Memory Lane Monday

So this picture was probably taken only in 2004, but this is a great memory nontheless. Sarah, Katie and I had an inside joke that semester about putting chocolate in our teeth and then trying to hit on someone. Silly girls!

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my two closest friends, Sarah and Katie. Granted there have been moments in our lives when we haven't been as close as other times, but when we see each other, it's like those moments never existed. Together we have been through so much and have always been there for each other. We have been best friends for half our lives and therefore know each other almost inside-out. We could go on and on saying little phrases that only we would know (balloon animals, i just called to say banana..., etc) and crack up about! They've been great influences throughout my life and each bring something great and unique to our friendship!! I'm so thankful for their testimonies and examples that are a part of what brought me to where I am today.


  1. That picture is so funny! I totally thought of you and Sarah at EFY with Julie and me. Good times! I also think about that when I hear the song "I'm a believer" because that's what they guys would always sing. Do you remember that? Random but funny at the same time.

  2. Ah, you're the best! We look so young in that pic! Yeah, we all need to get together again ;)


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