Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Surprise

I surprised Tyler with a Halloween dinner Friday night. I had been planning the surprise for a while. I didn't have the time to make everything I bought. So there also wasn't time to decorate the table and room all spooky, like I had planned, before Tyler came home from work (I made him walk in the house with his eyes closed and go upstairs until I was done). I think it still turned out nice and Tyler had no clue what was going on!

I made some chips shaped as bats and ghosts to serve with my chili and cream cheese dip

Apparently they take only 30 seconds to bake! (The second batch turned out better)

Monster Toes....mmmm!

Pizza Mummies

I made some mini witch's brooms

Bug Juice
(that's a green iced hand in didn't float so well)

Dirt Dessert

And a quick pic before Tyler comes down!


  1. Wow! You really did do a great job! You're really good at Halloween food. :)

    We did miss you at the Chili Cook Off though.

  2. way cute snack ideas, that would be grea for my daughters halloween party, THANKS!

  3. those are such cute ideas!! I think I will go make some witch fingers for dinner!

  4. look at you being such the little suzy homemaker. thats it! you're all ready to be a mom! hee hee hee! Aren't i soooo funny?! i think i'm gonna try your mummy pizza idea for the kids. they'll love it!

  5. I enjoyed your halloween goodies. Cant wait to try them out for myself.

  6. you are so creative I love it!

  7. That's awesome! How much time did that take! Either way I'm sure it was all worth it. Some of that stuff looked pretty yummy! The thumbs I'd worry about though. Crazy looking!


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