Monday, February 16, 2009

Memory Lane Monday

This picture is pretty embarrassing and sadly only taken about 6 years ago. I believe this was in 2003. For some very odd reason we had the urge to dress up fantastically and parade around Walmart. Crazy!
It's Mindy (dressed like Fred Flinstone), me (I know I'm wearing some of my sisters drill team and dance stuff she left in the closet), and Carly (who looks somewhat normal...well, in comparison)
My niece Kalla and nephew Khavin wanted to join in on the fun... at least in the picture... they were smart enough to not go out in public with us.


  1. real cute! it must be a EG thang cause i think Eileen did it too. and i did the same thing. funny!

  2. I would say CArly was normal but not. It is Carly after all. And her shoes aren't the same. But compared to the rest of you...yep, she is normal.


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