Friday, February 20, 2009

To the left... to the left

♪ ♫Everything you own in a box to the left ♫ ♪ ... sorry I just had to keep going

So I took some tests online to see if I am having a boy or a girl. They're based on Old Wives Tales, which I don't hold anything to, but I thought they'd be fun. I took the tests a couple months ago and I was having a BOY!

I took the tests a couple days ago and now I'm having a GIRL!

So who knows... it's based on really weird things and some I think are just too early to tell.
Am I carrying high or low?... I have no idea...

But if you think you know what I'm having...
CAST YOUR VOTE.... ♪ ♫ to the left, to the left


  1. That has to be one of the most catchy songs...
    I'm guessing a BOY!!!

  2. I say girl because I have so many stinkin' girls clothes you could use! No wait, maybe twins! A boy and a girl =)

  3. I say girl... I think August will be a girl month!

  4. i guess boy. maybe that's cause i would love for you to have a boy so Parker can have a boy cousin close to his age.


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