Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anybody have some pixie dust??

**I could wear my wedding dress to church...and that it wasn't weird.
**I could be tied to an elastic rope and taken for a ride in a helicopter all across New York on a bright summer day (it would feel like i am flying)
**I wasn't afraid of heights
**I could eat everything in a buffet. (I usually just waste money instead because I can't even finish one plate.)
**I could drive in reverse down a busy street. (Or maybe even a Drive-Thru.)
**I had the nerve to slap someone. (I promise I'm not malicious. I've just always wanted to slap someone across the face, and most importantly, get away with it.)
**I could go back in time and visit different time periods, for as long as I wanted, without getting older.
**That life was a musical sometimes.
**It can be said, when I die, that people remember me for all the good things I did.
**I could rewind, fast-forward, or pause real life.


  1. I love the list. I would say dito to just about everything especially the wedding dress part!

  2. i agree with just about everything on your list. good stuff


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