Monday, April 20, 2009

Update...with pictures

So I went in for my monthly checkup today. I was also able to have another ultrasound. At my last ultrasound, because Danica was laying on her stomach and wouldn't move, we didn't get a good look at her profile or heart. I had a glass of Dr. Pepper for breakfast, as the Doctor ordered, to try to get the baby to move more this time. I think I always go to my appointments during her napping time.
***I've gained a total of 12 lbs so far and seem to be doing fine.
***Danica weighs 1 lbs 10 oz! Which is normal too, but I just couldn't believe that she's already that big. I know, in the whole scheme of things, it's not that big, but's cool.
***Her heart rate was 154, so she seems really healthy!
Here are some recent pictures:

..::At 24.5 weeks...and growing::..
..::Profile, she has her hands up by her face::..
..::It's a GIRL!! The nurse said those little white dots are her "girl parts." Yes, she said "girl parts." So which exact girls parts...?... we're not sure::..
..::She's yawning. I think we were interrupting her nap::.
..::Her hand. You can't tell, but it's covering her face. Apparently she was shy::..
..::Another profile::..


  1. Fun! I always loved getting ultrasounds. It makes it so much more real when you get to "see" the baby! We're excited for you guys!

  2. Super cute picture! And super cute belly! Isn't that weird to get belly compliments? :)

  3. VERY COOL! you look great. i'm always glad to hear everything is good.

  4. you look great being pregnant! Im jelous, and what a cute baby ultrasound. how exciting! I hope your going have a baby shower and get lots of good gifts!

  5. you look adorable!!! and aren't ultrasound pics the best :) I remember Zeke's tummy was so big in his and he still has a big tummy today ;)

  6. Ah, love the new ultrasound pics! What a cute little profile! I'm sad I won't actually be able to see her much :( What a cute girl she'll be.


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