Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mustache = Helmet

So I'm getting pretty nervous about having this baby!
No, I'm really excited about her being here...just not about how it's going to happen. So, I realized that I need to start looking into childbirth classes. And ones that Tyler and I can do together.

Any suggestions? Any classes that you really enjoyed?

Also, I want to start looking into Pediatricians. Any suggestions from those in Utah?

I had a ton of other questions, but I'm forgetting them at the moment. That's been happening a lot lately. I forget.

I've also been mixing up words or, for the life of me, can't think of the word I'm trying to say. I can describe the word... it just never surfaces.
The first time I noticed I mixed up words, a guy had zoomed off on his motorcycle once the traffic light turned green. I said, "Man, that guy needs to wear a mustache!" When really I meant to say helmet.
Mustache = Helmet, Hamster= Hamper, Tired = Hungry
I'm going crazy!!

Speaking of crazy... I keep getting kicked in the ribs by a certain little baby inside of me. Ouch!


  1. that mixing up and forgetting words totally happens to me when I'm pregnant! Don't worry... it gradually fades away after you have the baby... mostly. =)
    Jared and I never took an entire class... we took the first lamaze one at a hospital in American Fork, and even tho we didn't finish, it seemed fine.
    As for pediatricians, I really like ours, his name is Dr. Brad Anderson. He's really nice, is patient and answers all our questions. There are a couple of cons with him, though, since he's such a nice guy and takes time to answer questions and stuff, he's sometimes late for appointments so there can be a wait. But not always. Sometimes he's early, too. Also, once I had a not very positive experience with a back-up nurse (I'm sorry I can't remember what they're really called... on-call nurses?) who was rude to me when I called the emergency line. But that's it.

  2. one word~ epidural
    I am a baby. I'll admit it!

    But I have heard from mom's in Seattle that do this deep restorative yoga that takes them to "another" place. I don't know if they have classes like that in UT (I mean I do live in Hippie Seattle) but I have heard from numerous people how amazing it is. One lady claimed she didn't feel a thing. SO who knows?

  3. I remember when I started getting super worried about the whole giving birth thing. I was convinced that I baby just wouldn't fit that way. haha... it all ended up completely fine. In fact the actual delivery was the easiest part out of pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. I got an epidural. :)

    Me and Casey took a class offered at Utah Valley Hospital. I think it was helpful to see the rooms and to know what all the different moniters and things are for.

    I don't actually like my pediatrician. We wait for over an hour every single time. I'm looking for a new one. If I find one I'll be sure to let you know.

    Okay, now that I wrote you a novel. Good luck!! And I don't miss those kicks in the ribs. ouch!

  4. we never took a class, and i really don't think it's necessary. i don't think anything could have really prepared me. i think the most stuff i learned was from friends.
    I hear ya about getting kicked in the ribs. Colby was kicking up under my ribs on my left side for months. i would wake up feeling like i had been beat up, i was so sore and even now i swear that my ribs on that side poke out more than on the right! crazy.
    The only thing i liked about getting kicked is that i would know he was doing ok in there. when he wasn't moving then i would be worried.
    good luck with everything, i'm sure you'll do great!

  5. oh my gosh pregnancy brain is so real!!! People make fun but I believe it is a real phenomenom :) As far as classes we did a tour of the hospital and then took a six week lamaze course. We quit lamaze after three weeks but it was because our teacher was crazy and I decided I could never do natural childbirth :: I ended up having to do it anyways so it is kinda ironic ;) but yah I am glad we went for the three weeks :: even though the stuff we learned I didn't use it was fun to just take a class together :)

  6. we took the prenatal class, breathing & relaxation, and breastfeeding classes at UVRMC. i highly recommend the breathing/relaxation class and the breastfeeding class - i learned so much. the prenatal class was good but i kinda already knew everything from reading books, etc. don't be nervous about the delivery!! your body was made to do this and you have to trust in that. our society teaches women to fear birth but it really should be something we look forward to and delight in. if you get an epidural, it will be virtually painless so no fear there! if you choose to go natural, through breathing and other relaxation techniques you'll be able to get through it! you will do great!! if you ever want to talk about childbirth, i am here - i LOVE it (call me crazy but i seriously do really love it a lot....)! don't let people make you afraid!

  7. ps) the breastfeeding class taught me so much about the importance of breastfeeding - i don't know if i would be breastfeeding today without having taken it, it was very informative and helps you realize all the help that is out there for breastfeeding moms and how good it is for you & the baby.

  8. ya, you should be worried about delivery. no sugar coating that. And my baby brain is not up to par. i mix my words up and can't find the right word all the time. oh well.

  9. Emily... I wouldn't pay to go to a birthing class. Not that I have all the answers... but I would be more than willing to answer any questions you have and I think the best thing to do is just ask people details about their delivery. Most moms won't be embarrassed to answer detailed questions. I wish I would have saved my $60. About pediatricians... I can tell you about that one at church... it might take too much space on this thing. Congrats to Tyler on graduating!

  10. we took a prenatal class at UVRMC, but i delivered at Orem Community... it was slightly helpful, but not really. I had good luck with Bradley Anderson, he's at UVpediatrics in the north provo bldg across from the Malt Shoppe. Most of the docs in that office are pretty good.

    Hope all is well! Its fun to see you all cute and pregnant!


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