Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love it when...

....spit up falls straight down your shirt!
Yep. It doesn't just soak in where ever it lands, but it keeps running down. Ugh!

Some news (and pics) for you!:

Tyler got a new job! A better one. It's with his previous company, Xango, and we're really glad. They wanted him to come back and went looking for him!
better pay + better working environment + perks + more = happy us
When he told the company he works for now about the offer, they offered him another job that matches what Xango will pay, because they didn't want him to go!
Tyler decided on the Xango job, and I'm so proud of him!! I think those offers are such a compliment to him!

Danica is one month old today! Wow! I couldn't believe how well she slept last night too. She slept for 5 1/2 hours and I had to wake her up to feed, then she slept for 3 1/2 hours and I, again, had to wake her up to feed, then she slept for another couple hours. Crazy girl! But it meant I got to sleep pretty well too... not complaining!! I hope this is a reoccurring thing.

So, I decided to take a few pictures of Miss Danica for her one month old birthday. She so got her Model on (said in a valley girl voice) and went crazy with her poses!
(and she named them all...)

The Chillaxing
The Ballerina (graceful! delicate!...)
The Reach Out
The Frogger (this is how she usually sleeps)
The Heeeyyyy-Ya
The Don't Mess With The Best 'Cause The Best Don't MessThe TimidThe No More Pictures, Please


  1. Emily, she is such a doll, and a perfect mix between you and the hubby!!

    I forgot to comment, but I loved the way those letters turned out...darling!

  2. sooo cute!!! and congrats on the new job!!!

  3. Yay for new and better jobs!! super cute pics em. i can't wait to see her.

  4. Lol! So cute. I love the pictures. Congrats on the longer stretches of sleep. I love it when that happens!

  5. i love her yellow dress! and the headband you made is so cute.

    i make my scrapbook pages in photoshop elements with various free digital scrapbook papers that i find. i like photoshop because you can be as creative (or uncreative, haha) as you want to be!

  6. That is great about Tyler's new job! Danica is so cute. Can you believe that its already been a month since she was born? I'm glad that she has been sleeping well. When Olivia reached two months, she started sleeping for 6-7 hour stretches. I hope that Danica does the same for you!


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