Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You've got to S M I L E

... to be H A double P Y

Danica smiled her first real big smile on Monday. I have yet to get a good picture or video of it.
This video is short because she wasn't too into it. Here's a tiny smile (or, more so, just like an Elvis lip curl) to hold us over until she's ready to share her big ones on the internet.

Also here's a picture of Danica (in her 3rd outfit for the day...she unfortunately needed a lot of wardrobe changes....yeah, that never happens!! haha).
This is the same outfit we took her home from the hospital in. She was swimming in it before, though it was the smallest thing she owned, but today it seems to fit her a lot better.


  1. That was really cute!! She did do an Elvis lip thang

  2. I just read your last posting. Honestly, I would let her sleep as long as she will at night. Then when she wakes up for the day... letting her wake up on her own... adjust her schedule so you feed her during the day that will allow you to end up feeding her roughly the same time every night before putting her down for bed. Did that make sense? I think I messed this up with Ethan because I tried to control his eating and sleeping way to much that I didn't let his natural body clock work on it's own. I think he would have started sleeping a lot better at night sooner if I would have let him take a little more charge... not completely, but have a little more say then I did. Sorry if this was more confusing than helpful.


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