Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mustache = Helmet

So I'm getting pretty nervous about having this baby!
No, I'm really excited about her being here...just not about how it's going to happen. So, I realized that I need to start looking into childbirth classes. And ones that Tyler and I can do together.

Any suggestions? Any classes that you really enjoyed?

Also, I want to start looking into Pediatricians. Any suggestions from those in Utah?

I had a ton of other questions, but I'm forgetting them at the moment. That's been happening a lot lately. I forget.

I've also been mixing up words or, for the life of me, can't think of the word I'm trying to say. I can describe the word... it just never surfaces.
The first time I noticed I mixed up words, a guy had zoomed off on his motorcycle once the traffic light turned green. I said, "Man, that guy needs to wear a mustache!" When really I meant to say helmet.
Mustache = Helmet, Hamster= Hamper, Tired = Hungry
I'm going crazy!!

Speaking of crazy... I keep getting kicked in the ribs by a certain little baby inside of me. Ouch!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tyler graduated from BYU officially!! I'm so proud of his hard work and dedication! I don't understand how he was able to keep such good grades and be employed and working so many hours each week. It definitely paid off! WAY TO GO!!!

(lots of pictures below)

With Tyler's Parents:
Commencement was on Thursday, and we were so lucky to hear from Elder Nelson and Elder Uchtdorf. They both serve on the Board of Trustees of BYU.
Their talks were so awesome. I'd like a DVD of the ceremony, if it's available. It was pretty neat to see President Uchtdorf receive an honorary doctorate.

The Tanner Building (on the left)... where Tyler spent so much of his last two years.

The Marriott School of Management Convocation was on Friday

W. Steve Albrecht spoke at Convocation. His talk was sooo AWESOME. Definitely one to have a copy of.
He just received his diploma (well, the case that will sit empty on our bookcase for 3-8 weeks):
We saw this guy from up in the stands
Tyler's present from his parents
Tyler gave me his Stole of Gratitude. What an awesome guy!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Update...with pictures

So I went in for my monthly checkup today. I was also able to have another ultrasound. At my last ultrasound, because Danica was laying on her stomach and wouldn't move, we didn't get a good look at her profile or heart. I had a glass of Dr. Pepper for breakfast, as the Doctor ordered, to try to get the baby to move more this time. I think I always go to my appointments during her napping time.
***I've gained a total of 12 lbs so far and seem to be doing fine.
***Danica weighs 1 lbs 10 oz! Which is normal too, but I just couldn't believe that she's already that big. I know, in the whole scheme of things, it's not that big, but's cool.
***Her heart rate was 154, so she seems really healthy!
Here are some recent pictures:

..::At 24.5 weeks...and growing::..
..::Profile, she has her hands up by her face::..
..::It's a GIRL!! The nurse said those little white dots are her "girl parts." Yes, she said "girl parts." So which exact girls parts...?... we're not sure::..
..::She's yawning. I think we were interrupting her nap::.
..::Her hand. You can't tell, but it's covering her face. Apparently she was shy::..
..::Another profile::..

Friday, April 3, 2009

I did it!

I took a picture. Well Tyler did.
Here's me at 22 weeks!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anybody have some pixie dust??

**I could wear my wedding dress to church...and that it wasn't weird.
**I could be tied to an elastic rope and taken for a ride in a helicopter all across New York on a bright summer day (it would feel like i am flying)
**I wasn't afraid of heights
**I could eat everything in a buffet. (I usually just waste money instead because I can't even finish one plate.)
**I could drive in reverse down a busy street. (Or maybe even a Drive-Thru.)
**I had the nerve to slap someone. (I promise I'm not malicious. I've just always wanted to slap someone across the face, and most importantly, get away with it.)
**I could go back in time and visit different time periods, for as long as I wanted, without getting older.
**That life was a musical sometimes.
**It can be said, when I die, that people remember me for all the good things I did.
**I could rewind, fast-forward, or pause real life.