Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down to business

Danica's been pretty sick lately, but she's now starting to feel better! Yay!  Pretty sure she's teething.  I can see one starting to poke through.

Danica got into a fight!  Well, that's what it looks like in this picture of her after she woke up from her nap yesterday.  She rolled onto her stomach so her face was all red and had lines on it.  Also her lips were cracked and bleeding because she couldn't breathe through her nose and slept with her mouth open.  So sad!

Ok.  I finally started exercising and eating healthy today!  I know... about time, but since Dani's been sick it's been hard to take the time to do anything but take care of her and sleep when she does... oh and eat.

And THANK YOU so much to all of your advice concerning the post below.  I found it really, really helpful!  I appreciate you taking the time to tell me what you know.  I was really enlightened.
So my friend, Mindy, told me about Slim in 6.
She's been doing it with her husband.  In 6 weeks he lost 30 lbs and she lost 10lbs.  They've continued to follow the program and are at 37 and 12 (and probably still dropping!).  They are eating healthy as well.  (look in the comments below if you want to see what she said)
Well, I looked into it  and decided to buy it and Tyler's going to do it with me.  I wanted a new workout routine, anyway.  I'm really excited... and nervous!  Not exactly sure why I'm nervous.  I just haven't worked out in SOOO long.  It should be here in 5-7 business days.

My workout today was awesome though.  You hear people say that they feel so much better after they exercise.  And it's true.  I have more energy today.  I thought I enjoyed being lazy and not doing anything, but I like the healthy feeling I had after working out and eating well more than what I felt being lazy.  I know... duh right?!
Tired, sweating, asthma kicking in... it was great!   Danica loved it too.  I put her in her jumper and she was laughing at my moves.  Though, I can't blame her... I'd probably be laughing at myself too, if I could see what I looked like.

Ok... this post is all over the place....

This is way late, but HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!
I was invited to my friend/"cousin" Marlyse's house for a St. Patrick's day party.  I don't have a picture of that, but it was fun!  She served a bunch of green food.  Very creative.  Maybe I'll steal pictures from her blog when/if she posts about it.  
Here's Danica's St. Pattie's Day outfit:


  1. Good luck with the weight loss! I'm not really looking forward to the post-pregnancy thing for the 2nd time around...I'm afraid it will be far worse than the first time! Sorry Danica's been sick! Sick babies are no fun!

  2. oh little Danica. im sick too. i feel her pain. but she is still so cute after her beat down. good luck with the work out. sounds fun.

  3. Poor Danica, I"m glad she's feeling better. Hope you end up liking the workout! I'm sure you'll let us know how it goes. Love her pink and green outfit! super cute!!

  4. love Danica's green dress!! So sorry she is sick :: but hope that workout/eating plan goes great :)

  5. That was such a cute picture of Danica! I'm sorry it took me so long to post pictures of St. Patrick's Day but they're up now! I'm so glad you could come and it was great seeing you again! I was very happy to meet Danica too. :)

  6. She is the cutest little girl EVER! So you have to let me know how working out is going. I need some motivation. How do you do it? Help!

  7. Emily!!! I'm SOOOOO EXCITED that you bought Slim in 6!!!!!!!! YAY! Okay, the real key for me in losing the weight is really to just keep pushing PLAY, six days a week. I know I'm probably sounding like an infomercial... haha. Also, if I hadn't been eating healthy I would not have lost the weight. I've really had to push myself to eat healthy because I LOVE FOOD!!!! Now when I eat unhealthy I literally feel sick for a couple days.

    After about 8 weeks I kinda mentally checked out and totally plateaued. But now I'm kicking up the intensity. When it's hard to stay focused just remind yourself that you won't be eating and exercising like this forever, you're just wanting to return to your healthy self and OF COURSE it's TOTALLY worth it! I'll be doing Slim in 6 until I've lost the last 8 pounds. Any motivation you have I would LOVE to hear! Let me know if you need anything and Good Luck! You will do great especially because your hubby is going to be right along side you.

    P.s. Danica is beautiful ;)

  8. awww Marlyses, love her... haven't talked to her in years though, just found her on facebook...
    good luck with the workouts, that program sounds great :)
    and your little daughter is so cute!!!


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