Wednesday, March 3, 2010

good morning, happy birthday, good night

Danica's 7 months old now. 
Here are some a lot of pictures of her day.

Good morning, Sweetheart!

Happy 7 month birthday!

She was moving and squealing a ton; making all sorts of noises.  
She could feel the excitement in the air!

(playing just before bed)

And one extra...just because I can!
Dani is so active right now... but not crawling yet!  She loves to "talk".  When she talks she's either really excited or has a serious look on her face, like, "Listen up, what I'm saying is really important." 
She rolls everywhere!  To get something she rolls to it. 
You'd think she was rolling down a hill or something.
She's so anxious to start scooting. 
I can tell she's getting close.
She sleeps really well.  Typically 6:30 to 6:00 (and til 6:30 or 7 the last few days!!), then she'll eat, then sleep until almost 8.
I think it's so cute when I put her in front of her mirror.  She'll smile at herself and do her fake laugh.  Then she'll bow her head really slowly and touch foreheads with her reflection for a few seconds, then she'll look up at my reflection, like... did you see that?!
She also loves the door stopper in her room, cause it's a spring.  It's right by her mirror so when she notices it, she lunges for it!
She loves to sit on our laps and play with the strings and the zippers on our sweaters.  She will be content doing that forever. 
(Too bad I don't have any to wear to church!)
Danica enjoys getting dressed.  She always has.  She laughs when the shirt goes over her head.  She gets more excited when she's dressed cuter too.  I don't know, maybe she senses more
excitement coming from me... but it's cute!
She's a really good eater.  She's been eating solids for a couple months now and loves rice and lentil, pears, and peas.  Tyler and I hate peas.  And we just started giving her some puff snacks.  Every time she eats one she makes the funniest expression. 
I love it!


  1. She's such a cutie and getting so big!

  2. sooo cute!! Love that green dress :) and enjoy this rolling stage :: as soon as they get moving more it is sooo hard to keep things sane ;)

  3. Her sleep schedule is almost exactly the same as my girls'. What are her naps like? My girls' naps are different everyday, so it's kind of frustrating. Some days they'll sleep for a couple of hours, but most days one of them will only take a couple of 40 minute naps.

  4. She is SO cute! I love her big flower! I hope I have a girl first so I can pick out cute clothes for her!

  5. That is so awesome. I can't wait for Lexi to be there but I know I have too. Lexi loves to talk now. She talks all the time and she smiles and laughs a lot. Now just its time to get her to sleep in her crib and sleep through the night.

  6. Danica is so adorable. She just keeps growing up so fast! You sure are a lucky mom with her being so easy for you! Enjoy your little bundle of cuteness!

  7. Just gotta say, that peek-a-boo pic is freakin' adorable!


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