Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tyler's 27th Bday!

Tyler turned 27 on March 4!!  He's 27! 
That seems so much older than 26.  He's an old man! 
Haha....Though I'm not much farther behind him.
He had a good birthday. 
On Thursday he went to Tucanos (with an all-you-can-eat meat menu) with the people from his work.  It was all women and Tyler celebrating together at Tucanos.  Tyler said it was yummy and he probably could have kept eating, but all the ladies were done so he stopped too.
On Friday we went to an all-you-can-eat pizza place, called Pizza Pie Cafe, and celebrated with some family.  Then came back and had some more friends over and ate cake and ice cream.
On Saturday... well, Saturday we'll get to in another post. 
And maybe Tyler will even be posting that one!!

If you've been following our blog for a while, you may remember THIS CAKE I made Tyler last year.
This is the cake I decided to make him this year (It was a lot of fun):
And you can't have birthdays without ice cream


  1. Wow that's an impressive cake! Glad you had a good birthday Tyler! And man you are old! ;)

  2. Holy Cow!!! Amazing! Brent and I are so impressed. And Brent's going to be disappointed when I make a plain boxed cake for his bday. ;)

  3. Your cakes look amazing! Happy Birthday Tyler...sounds like you guys had a ton of fun!

  4. Why are you so talented?'s depressing when I think about the baseball cupcakes I made Drew. I was so stressed he even had to help to make them just perfect! Please share your creative side and help me become a better wife ;)

  5. awesome birthday weekend!! Lyle would have loved it ;) and I love the cake!!!

  6. your cake is AWESOME!!! so cool!

  7. The cake looks awesome!! Happy Birthday Tyler!!

  8. How the heck are you going to out do yourself next year???

    Those are amazing. I'm curious how the pizza cake was made!

  9. you're so fun and creative... love the craftiness... i'm trying to be better at all the fun little details like that :)

  10. Those cakes rock. You are talented, such a cute idea. I love the pic of you three, too cute. Tyler is lucky to have you. :) Tell him I said hi and happy late b-day!

  11. Your cakes are awesome. Happy late bday to him. And you're right. He is ancient now. Geeeeeesh! Guess that means I'm knocking at death's door just over 30. UGH!


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