Monday, September 6, 2010

FYI... I love hearing the comments you all have, but if I believe I don't know who you are, I'm probably going to delete it.   
But if I do know you and it's your first time commenting and (especially if) your profile is private... let me know who you are so I don't delete it. :)

Ok, with that out of the way... here are some random pictures taken on my phone.  I noticed my phone was pretty full of pics so I cleaned things up a bit.  Here are some of my favs. (I don't have the best camera phone)
10-2-09 neener neener neener

4-4-10 Easter

4-19-10 On a walk

5-19-10 Tyler called my name then turned around with chocolate all over his face

6-5-10 At my cousin's wedding

6-23-10 Waiting for daddy to come home

6-23-10 On the front lawn

7-28-10 lunchtime

7-29-10 She woke up from her nap with crazy hair

8-20-10 Dani put the headband on by herself and was really proud

8-2-10 Picnic at the park on her 1st b-day
10-2-09 Just being cute

11-27-09 After shopping on Black Friday.  She didn't fuss once... what a trooper

Trying to take pictures, but she wanted to eat me instead

She loved that monkey

Danica was falling asleep on my lap.  I tried pulling things away from her face, 
but she kept pulling them back.  She looked very cozy 

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  1. I love the picture of her trying to eat you! So cute.


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