Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Lately I've gone through a phase of buying purses.
In the last little bit I've bought 4 purses.  
Although I'm a cheap frugal shopper,
after buying these purses I think I might be hooked.

(the colors aren't accurate... especially the purple purse... it's actually a dark plum)
I wanted to post about this because I'm vain!
And also because I got this amazing deal.  

See the teal purse?  I didn't keep the receipt, but it was originally marked around $88.  They were having a purse sale and this one was marked down to $8 and some change.  On top of that, I had an old gift card with about $6 left on it... so I paid around $2 for the purse!

Oh!  Also, this last weekend I bought a pair of shoes from Goodwill.  
(these shoes are actually a dark red) 

I thought it was a steal of a deal marked at $2.99,
but that weekend all yellow tags were 50% off.  
So with tax I paid $1.41.  

And by the way, Danica likes her accessories too...


  1. I wouldn't say you're vain! You just have STYLE! ;) I can't resist cute things, especially when they're CHEAP! Danica is ADORABLE. She's got some serious style too!

  2. Hahaha...I totally understand. That's why I started my shoe blog! :) And those purses are awesome--way to go.

  3. super cute bags. and kiss that super cute girly of yours for me. too cute!

  4. Love the purses! I love Danica's accessories too!

  5. Ooo i love good deals! Good work! And your daughter is getting so big and so cute!

  6. I love a good deal, and those purses and shoes are amazing... you rock!


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