Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Off to see the Wizard

Before I get to my main reason for posting, I just wanted to remind you that I am planning a get together where I'll be teaching you how to make The 20 Minute Skirt (see post below for more details).  If you're interested in coming to that you'll want to bring the following supplies:
*1 yard of fabric
*enough elastic to fit around your waist once
*sewing machine - if you have one

I recently helped plan an activity for my ward Relief Society. It was Wizard of Oz themed.
(A summary of the activity is below the pictures)

I thought it was a fun activity and everyone worked so hard to pull it all together.
Here are some pictures of the activity to give you an idea of what it looked like.


Part of the Yellow Brick Road

The Rainbow

Lollipops for the Lollipop Guild

 Following the Yellow Brick Road

The Emerald City (the Wizard was behind that curtain)

Cake pops - from the Wizard

Some of the people who helped plan the activity
To briefly summarize the activity - The Wizard invited the girls to spend a day in Oz, but when they arrived they found they were in Kansas instead.  Glinda told us that although we did well with our Visiting Teaching the previous month, the Wizard wants us to learn some things before we can visit him in Oz.  So we all stayed in Kansas and ate pulled pork sandwiches, salad, and corn.
When dinner was over, Glinda started telling us what we could do to get to the Emerald City, but before she could finish explaining, a tornado hit and the girls followed Glinda out of Kansas.  We walked over a rainbow and followed the yellow brick, where we were welcomed by the lollipop guild.  We were then taught how we could be better Visiting Teachers by using our minds, hearts, and having courage.  We continued following the yellow brick road into the Emerald City.  To end, the Wizard, behind the curtain, bore his testimony of Visiting Teaching.


  1. What a cute idea! I may just have to borrow it sometime :)

  2. i forgot u were doing this. yA! i'm glad it turned out so well. super cute.

  3. So cute! I am sad I wasn't there!! It sounds like it was a lot of fun .

  4. Wow, what a fun activity! You girls are amazing!


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