Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comment on Crocheting

I was writing a response to my last post in the comment section... but it turned into a really long comment, so I just decided to make a little post instead.  Here's my reply to the comments so far on the post below:

I learned how to crochet from a roommate like 6 years ago.  She had me take it one little step at a time... making a REALLY long chain, pulling it apart, and doing it again and again until I got the hang of it.  Then she taught me the actual stitch and how to continue stitching lines.
I didn't really start to crochet again until like last year and, though I thought I had forgotten how to do it, it all came back to me.  Like riding a bike.  So, you might be surprised what you remember, if you've learned once before.
The more "advanced" stitching techniques I learned online.  I was looking at tutorials online and had no idea what they were talking about.  I didn't understand all the lingo so I googled them.  But I found the most helpful instructions on youtube!  I could actually see all the steps they were doing, pause or rewind it, and watch it all again.  So awesome.
I also got a book from my mother-in-law that tells me all my need-to-knows about crocheting.

For those nearby, I would love to show you what I know about crocheting.  I can't guarantee I'm the best teacher... and hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong!  But if you're interested in getting together sometime let me know.  I can organize a time to teach a little class thing.

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