Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boys and their toys

Well, let's clarify... that would be my boy and my new toy... and by toy I mean phone.

First let's talk about my boy... cause I love him so much.
on Valentines Day
Talmage, being 10 weeks and 4 days old, just had his two month appointment today. 
His stats were
Length: 24.5" - 92 percentile (he's grown 3" since birth)
Weight: 11 lbs 13 oz - 27 percentile (up almost 4lbs since birth)

Talmage is such a good and happy baby!  Dani was super awesome too, so we figured there had to be some sort of balance between them and that Talmage would have to be really challenging for us.  Not so (not yet at least).  That first week we were worried because he was crying a lot, but we figured out he was just gassy.  Now, with gas drops before each feeding, he's super content.  Thank you gas drops!
He is sleeping really well.  He takes a morning nap (until Dani wakes him up) and then an afternoon nap and sleeps most of the afternoon.  I wake him up, if he hasn't woken up on his own, at 5 so he'll sleep well at night.  He takes another little nap before bedtime and then sleeps for 7-9 hours at night.
In the time that he's a wake he's smiley and super cuddly.  Though I sure love his cuddles, sometimes it's a little hard because he just wants to be held... I need to remember to use our baby bjorn around the house more often. 
Talmage is feeding well... I think he eats better than Dani did.  His weight, percentage-wise, has dropped since his last visit to the doctors (I think my milk is already starting to dry up... it went early with Dani too, so we're working on that), but he's still growing well.  Apparently, he's tall and skinny like Dani was.
We have many nicknames for him already, including (but not limited to) T-man, Mr. T, Mr.Tally man, TJ, Cuddle bug, Cutie pie, Buddy, and Talmage boy.

Speaking of names, we've seen our Pediatrician several times now and every time he asks how we pronounce Talmage... he think it's Tall-mage.  I want to say, " Jame E. Talmage," but this, being the 3rd time we've visited, I figure by now he probably would realize and remember that on his own if he knew who James E. Talmage was, so I haven't said anything.  Doesn't really matter anyway... he usually remembers the rest of the visit, and I don't care that much...and at least he asks the pronunciation in the first place.  He probably thinks we're silly parents naming our kid something crazy... like Apple or Pilot Inspektor or Talmage.


Tyler and I just stepped up in the world and finally bought nice phones (that actually require a data plan).  Oooh la la is what I think just about everyday.  I keep finding cool new things to do with my phone. Phrases like "Did you know they have an app for that?!" and "Check out what I can do on my phone" are now heard quite often at our house. Right now I'm charging my phone through a USB cord plugged into my computer and I'm freakin amazed.  Yep, I'm easily amazed.
If you're interested these are our phones:
Samsung Galaxy S™ ll, Epic™ 4G Touch       mine   
HTC EVO™ 3D        Tyler's

And because I love my Dani girl too...

                                              On Valentine's Day                         Exhausted, driving home from playing with her cousins


  1. Have you heard about taking the herbal supplements Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle? I had to take 3 of each of those 3 times a day for a couple weeks as well as pump after every feeding for about 10 minutes to get my milk supply up. They make you smell like french toast, but they work! Oh, and there's mother's milk tea, but I thought that was really gross. I'm not a tea drinker. And I usually don't buy into the herbal stuff, but I was willing to try almost anything to help my baby!

    1. I haven't heard of those supplements, but I'll look into them... I'm not a big tea drinker either.
      Just curious, was there a reason it was 10 minutes that you pumped? Did you go until you were empty and that took 10 minutes or did you do 10 minutes because it was a decent amount of time to pump?

  2. i have found that pumping really helps my milk supply, but what i really wanted to say is that your little boy is dang cute!!!

    1. Thanks Ali!
      Yeah, I've started pumping and so far it seems to have helped a little. I can tell I just need to keep it up.

  3. I think Mr. Tally Man looks a lot like Dani! ;) People at the pediatrician's office mistake Jesse for a girl. I mean, I thought "Jessie" was a clear indicator of a girl, but whatev. ;) We also call him Jess and J.T. so he can choose when he's older what he likes best. I've heard that eating oatmeal can boost your supply and pumping regularly helped me at first. Plus it gave me a supply for my freezer that I can use with cereal and food after I stop nursing. I'm jealous how much he sleeps for ya. Jesse was almost 8 months before he started to regularly sleep through the night. Enjoy that sleep!!!

    1. Haha, yeah we are told Talmage and Danica look a lot alike. I totally see it too. :)
      I've never thought about the Jesse/Jessie difference. It's funny how people mistake the genders of babies. I'm sure you're dressing Jesse in bows and frills and pinks right? Haha. I think I can usually tell the gender right away. :) (hopefully that's true)

  4. when i click on the links for your phones, it just sends me to the sprint sign in page. oh well. i'd give you advice about increasing your supply, but i didn't have that problem. i actually had the opposite. i'd drown caleb when nursing. i had to sit him upright on my lap so he could control it better. there was a while that i'd pump and give extra milk to shaun's sister for her baby cuz she didn't produce much either. i remember one day before church when i nursed, then pumped 4 oz, then caleb decided he was hungry again, so i nursed a little more, and then pumped another 6 oz. it was crazy. i always felt like i was painfully full. it was kinda hard to find the right amount of pumping that wouldn't increase my supply, but would decrease the pressure. anywho...if you do need to eventually go to formula, you can sign up for the similac strong moms newsletter/group and maybe enfamil. sometimes they'll send you free sample jars of formula and they'll send you $5 checks toward formula purchases.

    1. Interesting about the links cause it takes me to the right page (and I'm not signed in), but I added the names of our phones in case people want to look them up themselves.
      Holy cow... it's probably better to have more milk than not, but I can understand how you'd have to find that balance with pumping. I've decided to give him formula and he took to that really well. He's been suuuper gassy and fussy since he was born and this made him actually happy. I'm still pumping and storing it because I don't know if I want to give up on breastfeeding yet.
      Thanks for the formula tip!

    2. Holy cow, Katie, that's amazing! You could totally sell your milk next time around if you wanted to. A friend of mine sold some of hers for $700. I thought about doing it but I don't know that I actually have extra.

  5. I just realized you wrote a response to my comment. It didn't get emailed to me so I didn't know you wrote it, sorry! Technically I was suppose to pump until I was completely empty because the lactation consultant said that we're better at producing milk when we've been completely emptied. I just rarely could go longer than 10 minutes because my baby would need me and I had no one to help me with him at the time. Did you look into the supplements? I'm not typically a believer in herbal remedies, but it was either that or a medicinal pill I could have taken, but I was told that it could turn normal baby blues into full blown postpartum depression and my baby blues were bad enough as it was.

  6. He's a cutie, Emily! And about half his nick names are the same as Talon's. I thought that was funny. Loved your post and pictures of the kids. They're adorable together!


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