Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to fake clean, cook, and iron

I know this post is probably not one you were really expecting, since I promised some updates, but I did upload Christmas 2011 pictures onto my computer this morning so I'll be posting about that soon.

In the meantime, I want to share a funny post I came across... just don't let your husbands read it :)

Anna, from My Life and Kids shared this:

...Women have been fake cleaning, fake cooking and even fake ironing for years! I just had to share some of my favorite tips that you shared in the comments:

Fake Cooking

If you happen to have a husband who likes dinner ready, or nearly ready, when he gets home and you haven’t even started – fry up some bacon and onions. Makes the house smell like you’ve been cooking for hours while you quickly throw something together. I realize my age is against me here… probably don’t have a husband who expects dinner on time…..but back in MY day… (imklvr)

Fake Cleaning

I regularly sprinkle Carpet Fresh around and pretend I’ve just spent hours cleaning. Occasionally I DO actually break out the vacuum and sweep it up. Sometimes some of the powder hits the dogs and that takes care of their monthly bath. (Shelly)
I put Pine-sol in hot water in the sink! My girlfriend hides bounce sheets in inconspicuous spots so it smell fresh! We all have our tricks! (Danielle – Piperloo)
Erma Bombeck said if she got word people were stopping by, she would drag out the vacuum and when her company arrived, she would apologize because they had caught her in the middle of cleaning. She said the vacuum had been sitting out so long she was starting to use it for a coffee table. (Robbie)
Sometimes I  wet a little towel with cleaner and put it in the garbage can. The smell lasts longer and my hubs really thinks I did something all day. (Rachel – Holy-Craft)

Fake Ironing?

THANK GOODNESS! I thought I was the ONLY one who used some of those lil’ tricks! I’ve used MOST of those (remember – I’m 61 – been around awhile!) and here’s another one I used when ironing was done on a regular basis back in the dark ages of MY young mommy days:
Set the ironing board up, hang a number of things (straight from the closet) on a rack in clear view, and lay a half-ironed ANYTHING on the board. Just before your hubby gets home, heat the iron & let a few strands of your hair be TOTALLY out of place as though you’ve been slaving.
When he walks in, look up from ‘ironing’ & say, “Oh, no! I can’t BELIEVE it’s so late! I need to get dinner started!” He will be so sorry for you because you’ve done so much he MAY take you OUT to dinner or at LEAST order a pizza!
Either that or you’ll have to put all that crap back in the closet after you dragged it all out. (Kai – Celebrating Christmas Year Round)

Spill it -  let’s hear your fake cleaning, cooking and ironing secrets!

HahaDo you guys do anything like this?  Honestly, I had only thought to clean up the rooms quickly right before Tyler gets home.


  1. Ha! This is great. I love using strong, good smelling cleaners that overwhelm your senses when you come through the door.
    Maybe he won't even have to ask what you've been doing if he can literally smell it.
    Great article! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I love using cleaners you can really smell too. They make me happy... maybe that's weird. Haha.

  2. hahaha :) these are great!! I think they are from a different time though...Lyle knows the days I'm busy and that I try my best. He also knows the days that I lay around doing nearly nothing :) No need to fake anything!

    1. That is definitely true! I agree that it is a different time. That's awesome that Lyle is that way... not every guy is. Tyler is the same as Lyle. He appreciates me either way and knows when I need a break or day off too and never complains :)

  3. Haha, I love it! I don't really fake anything, but if I've had a lazy morning I'll usually try to make up for it by making is seem as if I have made some progress that day- vacuum, do dishes, clear off countertops, etc. Lately Jacob has actually offered to make dinner for me! I must look really uncomfortable being prego ;) I don't try to over-play that card, but sometimes it doesn't hurt. lol.

    1. I'm the same way... if I'm lazy in the morning, I'll do something(s) quickly before Tyler gets home. That's so awesome that Jacob is making dinner. He's a sweet and observant guy. I'm sure he's just noticing how hard you work and understands it makes you tired... extra tired. Relax though and try to take advantage when you can. It really is hard work being pregnant! So much going on with and in your body, that alone wears me out. :)

  4. when shaun complains, i tell him that i did do a bunch of cleaning, but caleb was right behind me undoing everything i did. it's either that, or i didn't get much done because caleb just really wanted my attention that day and wouldn't let me get much done. that kid is such a handful!

  5. Oh isn't that so frustrating! Danica undoes my mess all the time. Haha, it's almost worth it to clean just right before Tyler gets home. A lot of time I'll let her stay in one area and make a HUGE mess there so I can clean up another mess. It's a never ending cycle, but sometimes it works. Usually comes and "helps" me clean up.


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