Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo a day - March

I will be 1 trillion seconds old on May 8th, 2017, at 2:16 pm. 
I'll be 31 years, 8 months, 9 days, 1 hour, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds old
Haha, that's only like 5 years from now.  Maybe we'll celebrate.  You can give me $1,000,000,000. 
Sounds like a plan!

Some blogs I follow have been doing the February Photo A Day Challenge.  I thought that was really cool and realized (even though I stay inside my house a whole lot) it would be fun for me to do it too. I then thought why not do it in March?  They actually have a March Challenge, but I like the February challenges better.
There are 31 days in March and only 29 challenges here, so, if you want, you can help me think of a couple more challenges for me to do... or I'll just think of some myself.  Can't guarantee they'll be as cool, though.

If you want to join in on the fun starting tomorrow, you can do the list below, like me... or HERE's the March Challenge.  Oh and Happy Leap Day!