Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to Host a Murder

Our Halloween started on Monday when we went bowling with our Sunday School group. If you dressed up in your costume it was just $1 a game! Tyler dressed up as Santa Claus and I dressed up as an elf. Too bad we forgot our camera, but seeing all the kids reactions to Tyler's outfit was priceless!

Halloween day Tyler and I both had to work. Tyler dressed up at work as Santa. (Maybe there will be pictures of that later)

Halloween night we participated in a How to Host a Murder game at Tyler's sister's place. It was a lot of fun. I was the murderer! Here are the pics:

Candice did a great job hosting!

My place setting

Tyler's place setting

Molly M. Awbsterr and Ernie ("Bet a Million") G. Ambler

Malissa F. Orrthot ("Scoop") and Billy ("The Kid") Thrower

Anna Maria Carlotta Sassine ("Torchy")and Eddie ("Socks") R. Gyle

"Silky" M. Adam and S. Treighton Harrow

(L to R) Tyler, me, Travis, Melissa, Adam, Emily, Candice, and Kyle


  1. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun for Halloween! I love costume parties :)
    I totally recommend swimming lessons. Brock is not afraid to dunk his whole head, and he knows how to doggie paddle (with help). It is a lot of fun too. I just signed him up for the next round and we can't wait to start!

  2. murder mysteries are so much fun!

  3. so fun!!! We did one a couple years back and it was the best!!! I really want to do one again :)

  4. i've never done one of those. can you just picture Justin being involved. ya, probably not. but he just might if i talked him into it. looks like you guys had fun.

  5. I just wanted to comment on how awesome your blog page always looks!! It's always so cute as it is right now!

  6. Okay now you guys have to host one and I'll just have to come. I've never done one of those either. I'd probably suck if I were the murderer and say something stupid like, "So I'm the murderer. Now what do I do!" Hahaha good fun.

  7. Fun! Glad you had a good time.


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