Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down to business

Danica's been pretty sick lately, but she's now starting to feel better! Yay!  Pretty sure she's teething.  I can see one starting to poke through.

Danica got into a fight!  Well, that's what it looks like in this picture of her after she woke up from her nap yesterday.  She rolled onto her stomach so her face was all red and had lines on it.  Also her lips were cracked and bleeding because she couldn't breathe through her nose and slept with her mouth open.  So sad!

Ok.  I finally started exercising and eating healthy today!  I know... about time, but since Dani's been sick it's been hard to take the time to do anything but take care of her and sleep when she does... oh and eat.

And THANK YOU so much to all of your advice concerning the post below.  I found it really, really helpful!  I appreciate you taking the time to tell me what you know.  I was really enlightened.
So my friend, Mindy, told me about Slim in 6.
She's been doing it with her husband.  In 6 weeks he lost 30 lbs and she lost 10lbs.  They've continued to follow the program and are at 37 and 12 (and probably still dropping!).  They are eating healthy as well.  (look in the comments below if you want to see what she said)
Well, I looked into it  and decided to buy it and Tyler's going to do it with me.  I wanted a new workout routine, anyway.  I'm really excited... and nervous!  Not exactly sure why I'm nervous.  I just haven't worked out in SOOO long.  It should be here in 5-7 business days.

My workout today was awesome though.  You hear people say that they feel so much better after they exercise.  And it's true.  I have more energy today.  I thought I enjoyed being lazy and not doing anything, but I like the healthy feeling I had after working out and eating well more than what I felt being lazy.  I know... duh right?!
Tired, sweating, asthma kicking in... it was great!   Danica loved it too.  I put her in her jumper and she was laughing at my moves.  Though, I can't blame her... I'd probably be laughing at myself too, if I could see what I looked like.

Ok... this post is all over the place....

This is way late, but HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!
I was invited to my friend/"cousin" Marlyse's house for a St. Patrick's day party.  I don't have a picture of that, but it was fun!  She served a bunch of green food.  Very creative.  Maybe I'll steal pictures from her blog when/if she posts about it.  
Here's Danica's St. Pattie's Day outfit:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Food is my friend

Yes, we're really good friends.  I might even say I love Food.  We hardly have disagreements and I hardly ever get upset.  There have been a few moments when I even get this burning sensation in my heart (... and then that feeling creeps up into my throat.)
I think Food loves me too.
Because of this wonderful relationship I have with Food, I've been holding on to those extra... erm... few pounds since having Danica.  At first I lost quite a bit, then it was a more steady weight loss that ended too soon (plus I think I've gained), and now I'm stuck at the same weight I have been at for months.  Kind of frustrating.
Oh no, I can't just blame this on Food, though.  I don't exercise.
Like ever.

So, I've decided to follow in the footsteps of my cousin Jaime, who said, "So I’ve decided my new job will be to get skinny. I have decided to approach it like a job. Something I have to do everyday. No ifs ands or buts."
Yep, I don't work anymore (besides being a mom/homemaker), so I'm making eating healthy and exercising my job.

I was hesitating whether or not I should blog about this... because that would mean I'd actually have to follow through!  I've decided to keep my weight status on the side, showing my progress (or lack thereof).  To help motivate me, because someone else might be watching and wanting me to reach my goal.

My goal.  I've also decided to follow suit and try to reach my goal by my birthday.  Which is in August by the way.  I was originally going to make my goal small and reach for a 10 lb weight loss.  But I thought that was kind of lame because I have until August.  So I decided to try to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
The only thing is I'm not sure exactly how much I actually weigh. 

Because I'm going to be posting my weight on the side, I figured I should clear some things up.  Our scale is not working properly.  When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I weighed myself on our scale.  It read 105.  I know our scale's off, I just don't know how much. (I'm guessing a lot)  And now that our scale says 124, I don't think I even want to find out how off our scale is.  But since that's what my scale says, that is the weight I'll be going by in the meter on the side. FYI.

So my goal is to lose 19 lbs by August 30th.  (That's practically September!)  I have never tried to lose weight before and I'm worried I'm going to fail miserably!  I know I'd like to be happier with my self image though, (not to mention fit into my clothes properly) and I know in order to do this I need to eat healthy and exercise.  I also know that I've got to make this fun for me in order to keep me motivated.
Any suggestions?  Any good, easy recipes?
I might buy Just Dance for Wii or some other dance type workout video.
I'm clueless.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Good To Have Goals

Throughout my life I've been taught to set goals. Goals help us grow and reach new heights, at least that's what there suppose to do. Like many of us, as I've grown older I've begun to achieve some of my goals. Serve a mission, check. Graduate college, check. Get married, check. Get married to a hottie, check! Start a family with said hottie, check. Having accomplished these
goals I feel like I'm on may way to accomplishing all my goals. Below you'll find a list of some of my unaccomplished goals.

Eat a whole box of Capt'n Crunch, in one sitting
Eat a Taco Bell Grande meal, by myself
Do the gallon challenge
Eat a dozen assorted Krispy Kreme donuts, in one sitting

In Emily's last post she mentioned that something happened this past Saturday. I'm proud to say I accomplished one of these goals.

On Saturday my cousin Parker and I each got a dozen assorted Krispy Kreme donuts. We came back to our apartment, tossed in a movie, and started the Krispy Kreme challenge. With high hopes we started the movie and let the gluttony begin.

After not very long a dozen donuts became eight donuts.

Then eight became six.

Six became four.

Four turned into two.

And then there was one.

After a little less than 45 minutes I had consumed 11 krispy kreme donuts, five of which were filled. The final obstacle to overcome before I could check off another goal, a raspberry filled donut. I took a small breather then downed that donut like it was my first. So, In about 45 minutes I ate one dozen assorted krispy kreme donuts, containing who knows how many calories, and accomplished yet another goal. Maybe something I should add to my list is some situps or a jog.

For those who are wondering about my cousin, Parker made it to eight.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tyler's 27th Bday!

Tyler turned 27 on March 4!!  He's 27! 
That seems so much older than 26.  He's an old man! 
Haha....Though I'm not much farther behind him.
He had a good birthday. 
On Thursday he went to Tucanos (with an all-you-can-eat meat menu) with the people from his work.  It was all women and Tyler celebrating together at Tucanos.  Tyler said it was yummy and he probably could have kept eating, but all the ladies were done so he stopped too.
On Friday we went to an all-you-can-eat pizza place, called Pizza Pie Cafe, and celebrated with some family.  Then came back and had some more friends over and ate cake and ice cream.
On Saturday... well, Saturday we'll get to in another post. 
And maybe Tyler will even be posting that one!!

If you've been following our blog for a while, you may remember THIS CAKE I made Tyler last year.
This is the cake I decided to make him this year (It was a lot of fun):
And you can't have birthdays without ice cream

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

good morning, happy birthday, good night

Danica's 7 months old now. 
Here are some a lot of pictures of her day.

Good morning, Sweetheart!

Happy 7 month birthday!

She was moving and squealing a ton; making all sorts of noises.  
She could feel the excitement in the air!

(playing just before bed)

And one extra...just because I can!
Dani is so active right now... but not crawling yet!  She loves to "talk".  When she talks she's either really excited or has a serious look on her face, like, "Listen up, what I'm saying is really important." 
She rolls everywhere!  To get something she rolls to it. 
You'd think she was rolling down a hill or something.
She's so anxious to start scooting. 
I can tell she's getting close.
She sleeps really well.  Typically 6:30 to 6:00 (and til 6:30 or 7 the last few days!!), then she'll eat, then sleep until almost 8.
I think it's so cute when I put her in front of her mirror.  She'll smile at herself and do her fake laugh.  Then she'll bow her head really slowly and touch foreheads with her reflection for a few seconds, then she'll look up at my reflection, like... did you see that?!
She also loves the door stopper in her room, cause it's a spring.  It's right by her mirror so when she notices it, she lunges for it!
She loves to sit on our laps and play with the strings and the zippers on our sweaters.  She will be content doing that forever. 
(Too bad I don't have any to wear to church!)
Danica enjoys getting dressed.  She always has.  She laughs when the shirt goes over her head.  She gets more excited when she's dressed cuter too.  I don't know, maybe she senses more
excitement coming from me... but it's cute!
She's a really good eater.  She's been eating solids for a couple months now and loves rice and lentil, pears, and peas.  Tyler and I hate peas.  And we just started giving her some puff snacks.  Every time she eats one she makes the funniest expression. 
I love it!