Tuesday, January 4, 2011

November and December update...finally

Well, I have a million pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas and in between.  Posting all of them would make for a really long (not to mention boring) post.  So I'll just post a few of my favorites...
Since pictures speak 1000 words I'll let them do (most of) the talking.

Thanksgiving in CA with my family

bundling up for a walk in Grandma's gloves

Dani loved my sister's Christmas scene


Tyler rock climbing

Thanksgiving at my sister Anna's

Family pics 

First time playing in the snow

building a snowman with Dad

Hugging the snowman

Attempting a snow angel

Our gingerbread houses


Back views

Christmas lights on Temple Square

Dani just woke up

Christmas in CO with Tyler's family
opening up stockings

Dani LOVED seeing Frosty on the front lawn with PopPop


  1. what a fun holiday season :) and holy cow you guys should go pro with your gingerbread making skills ;) and Danica is adorable!!

  2. That so fun that you got to be with both your families during the holidays. Danica sure is a cutie.


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