Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party time!

...I mean potty time!

Danica has been showing possible signs she's ready for potty training!

I was wondering if I could get some free advice from you guys.  
What has worked for you or someone you know? 


  1. I'll be interested to hear what people have to say as well. Nick has shown NO interest, whatsoever, though towards using the potty. I think I'll buy a potty soon and keep it around for him to see it and maybe warm up to it...but I'm not going to push it.

  2. Books worked really well with Jane. She was very much a roll play kind of gal. Acting it out before she really needed it. Pooping is sometimes scary for them. Jane peed waaaaay before she was ready to poop on the potty. But Brent finally got her to do the #2 just fine (he gave her a book to read while on the potty). The training pants that changes color when they pee is stupid. Because they'll pee in the pants to see the princess out whatever it may be. My friend gave me some that she didn't need anymore and so I thought I'd give them a try. (I didn't know the peeing trick before hand, else I wouldn't have done it =) Also because of the dye that's in them it gave Jane a bad rash. Good luck. Oh and baking soda is really good for absorbing pee =)

  3. Entertain her while she is on the potty. Whether it's reading her a book, telling her a story, listening to music, just do something that keeps her distracted.

    Then give her a reward. Something that she absolutely loves. It could be a toy, a treat (1 m&m or skittle), or 5 minutes or a cartoon. The trick is to not let her have that "treat" any other time during the day. Only give it to her if she goes pee or poop in the potty.

    If she does go pee, you go crazy with cheering and clapping. She will love it and think it's the greatest thing!

    Hope that helps!

  4. You need to make a huge deal out of it. Let her choose cool big girl underwear and make the potty seat a gift to her. We also had a chart that she got to put stickers on and when she got 10 she kid pick a small prize of a small treasure box.

    Basically plan on not leaving the house for a week. And be really patient, if she has an accident just say oops, and tell her when she gets that feeling she needs to run to the bathroom.

    Some advice I got from my friend is to NOT ask if they need to go to the bathroom but remind them to tell you when they need to go. That way it puts the responsibility onto them.

    I had Naomi bottomless during the day, so when she'd pee it'd go down her leg and she would want to run to the potty. I didn't want her on the carpet that way clean up would be easier, so I moved all of Naomi's toys to the bathroom or just outside the bathroom and she could only play over there.

    Hope that this helps. This is how it worked for Naomi.

    Good luck!


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