Wednesday, September 7, 2011

28 weeks! 84 days... 12 weeks!!

That just popped into my head and made me a little nervous (and I promise it actually makes sense... unlike a lot of things I think (oh I should share a crazy dream I had a little while ago, sometime). ). 

I looked at the little ticker on the right and realized I'm 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow (and I still haven't taken any belly pics)!  Then I saw I'd have 84 days left... well that number didn't look so bad.  Then I thought, wait... 28 weeks?  That means I have 12 weeks left!!

That's a little scary.  12 weeks does not seem long at all especially when I think how fast these next seasons go! 
It always seems to speed by with all the holidays, fun weather changes (I can say "fun" now because I'm not experiencing the snow yet), crafts to make, and making sure Danica enjoys the spirit of it all.

Yikes.  Another baby..... another kid. 

I often wonder how my mom had 6 kids (and did daycare) and stayed sane and cool through it all.  I know moms do it all the time and I should be able to too.  But yeah.

I was just thinking that maybe part of the reason having a second child seems so daunting (besides actually having to juggle take care of two kids) is I think about all the things we had to teach Dani in these two years of her life and it makes me glad she's at the stage she is now.  I feel the pressure of having to "start all over" with another kid.  But at the same time I think about how much we really enjoyed all those big and small moments Danica learned something new.

It'll be tough, but it'll be worth it. 
And there will be different enjoyable moments when I see our kids learning and interacting together.

I just told Tyler I should take a picture of my growing belly.  He laughed and said, "You've probably said that once a week for the last 5 weeks."  Oops.  I guess I'd better get on that!


  1. Ha! Yeah. It goes by fast. But dont worry. It'll be beyer than you expect. Pleas you'll have family close by, a good husband, and mom to visit and help on the most stressful part. it'll be great. (ha! I day that with such experience-london being only 2 weeks old, already a trip to the ER, and her sick now and not sleeping.)

  2. "starting all over" is like when you have kids with a 6 year gap, when diapering and bottles are such a foreign concept and you only think of them when imagining someone changing YOUR diapers in the not too distant future....that's my dilemma. When (or if) we ever have more kids, it really will be starting all over because my youngest is already 6 1/2. :( yikes I'm gettin' old!

  3. Yeah, I look at Alice and wonder how I can "juggle" her and another one, but as of right now, my fears are in check as there is no fear when there is no baby coming yet. Luck to you though!

  4. Emily you will do fabulous. When I look at Danica, its evident that she has the best parents that love her to pieces. All will fall into place.
    Just remember to take pictures. That was my sisters only regret. She is the middle child and never got a whole lot of pictures. The first child did and I did because I was the last. Just don't get lost or too caught up in day to day life that you don't take pictures of him too.
    Love you!

  5. Wow! Time is definitely going to pass quickly! Three months is not very long at all and then you'll be a family of four!!! It will be great and you will surprise yourself I'm sure with all the juggling you can do.

  6. I know what you mean, time goes by so quick! I'm not even 10 weeks and already thinking that the baby is "practically" here. It'll go by so fast. But it will be fun and you'll figure things out as you go. It's just getting all the preparations ready! But that's another fun part. Little boys are awesome, I'm super excited for you and your growing family!

  7. I feel exactly the same way! For some reason it seems so overwhelming to start all over again. But I'm sure it will be a fun adventure for both of us... :)


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