Friday, September 16, 2011

So, that crazy dream...

Don't know if you care about my crazy dreams, but I wanted to record it, cause I thought it was funny.

(let's see if I can remember it all)

Well, it started off with my aunt and uncle receiving day passes to Disneyland from my parents, as some sort of thank you.  My aunt and uncle took the tickets, but, for some reason, when they got there the tickets didn't work so they decided to sneak onto a boat going to Salt Lake City instead.  (I want to know what boat goes from Anaheim to SLC!)  When they got to Salt Lake, they decided to work on Temple square as monasteries (no idea why they were called that), which were doctors that dressed up like birds  (think Disney's Robin Hood... when he dresses up like a bird) and stood on 3 legged stilts.  They got paid $3 an hour. 

Then the scene changed and I was at my elementary school field with a bunch of other people surrounding this weird clown guy.  The clown would say a riddle and once he finished until the time someone answered correctly, we all became zombie-like.  Then the person who answered correctly could leave. 
Well, the time came when I knew the answer to a riddle first. 
The clown asked, "Who is the most feeble?" 
  I answered, "babies, blondes, mothers, and wives of doctors!"  (????)
And I was right, so I got to go home.

I started heading home and my friend Sarah asked for a ride home too.  The whole time I was driving Sarah home, her baby sister, Krista, (who is now like 10 or something) was sitting on my steering wheel.  Krista was see through, so I could drive, but it was super distracting and there was a ton of traffic.  I kept getting honked at and Krista kept wiping Spaghettios all over my face. 

Then I woke up.


  1. Wow that was intense! Ha! Is this all bcause of pregnancy hormones!? My dreams are never that exciting.

  2. I always have really strange and random dreams, but, yeah, I think they intensify when I'm pregnant. haha.

  3. Now that is what I call a pregnancy dream.

  4. Ummm yeah... That is hilarious. Just sitting here laughing. Gotta love those crazy dreams:)

  5. Hahaha. Emily...that is the weirdest dream I have ever heard. I wish I could interpret that for you.

  6. Haha, that is awesome! Good thing you knew the answer to the riddle ;) Krista is 12 now! I'll have to tell her she was in your dream, she'd be honored.


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