Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bragging Rights

This post is all about Danica...

Danica has been saying the funniest things lately and doing things to make us very proud!  She does the funniest things everyday and we're realizing we need to record these things more.


  Today in Dani's bath she was playing with a plastic twisty straw and waved it at me.  This was our conversation:
D- Transform!  Transform!  Transform!
M- What did you transform me into?
D- A pumpkin!  This is my new wand.
M- Oh yeah?
D- (no response to that, but talking about the straw still) These are my scissors. I cut (she proceeds to "cut" the side of the tub).  Oh no!!  Need new ones... these ones are toooo sharp!

We got a jigsaw puzzle for Dani this weekend... one that has the numbers 1-20.  It was a little tough because the pieces are cut going through the numbers... not around each number, but today she did the 20 piece puzzle all by herself!

A conversation between Tyler and Danica:
T- Hey, Dani, what should I have to eat?
T- No, I don't want a hotdog.  I'm going to have Rice-a-Roni.
D- Ooooh yes!  I LOVE Rice Ponies!

The other day Dani and I woke up and the first thing she wanted to do was fold some crocheted potholders.  She just kept saying, "That so pretty!!"
I have yet to show her how fun it is to fold the all the laundry!

A request from Dani -
"I need marshmallows!  Please, please, please?  I need marshmallows in my hand in the family room... pleeeeaaase?"
How could I resist?
When we sat on the couch Dani sat as close as she possibly could to me and said, "I like you, mommy"

Today I took Dani trick-or-treating around our house.  She had a little bucket and would knock on every door... our front door, back door, bathroom door, pantry door, and refrigerator door.  I would open the door and Dani would say, "Trick or treat!"  I'd hand her a treat (a small toy of hers), she'd say, "Thank you!" and then walk to the next door.

We've been working on good manners for a while now, or as Dani tells me she has "good madders."  She's really good at saying please and thank you and covering her mouth when she sneezes or coughs, but I love it and it makes for a very proud mommy when I see her using good manners with someone other than Tyler and me... without us asking.

  Dani is a huge cuddle bug.  My mom used to call me her "hug-a-bunch" and Dani's the same way.  When ever someone is coming over to visit she asks if she can give them a big hug and a big kiss.  Everyday she tells me she's going to do this to Tyler when he gets home from work, but for some reason she says she wants to give him a big hug and kiss on his legs... and she does.

  Dani is such a happy and easygoing girl.  She's very caring and is always telling us we're so beautiful and asking if we're happy.

☼  Last week Dani had a babysitter, my friend Nancy, whom she calls Fancy (as in Fancy Nancy).  When Nancy was saying goodbye she picked up Dani for a hug.  Dani put her hands on Nancy's cheeks, squeezed them and said, "You're so cute!  You're so cute!"

  Danica gets so excited to sing Happy Birthday to us.  She wraps up one of her toys in a blanket and has me open it.  On my birthday I had Dani sing Happy Birthday to me on my phone.  Ever since then she's been singing Happy Birthday like this, "Happy Birthday, to you.  Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, Mommy.  Happy Birthday, Mommy's phone!  Hahahaha"


  1. That is so cute! I love that she said happy birthday to your phone. Hey I know you'll probably be gone visiting on of your families but we'll be in Utah for Thanksgiving. We'd love to see you guys!

  2. Ha ha she's so darling! I love the stories! :)

  3. Adorable! I loved the marshmallow request. She is darling and so smart!

  4. This is the whole reason why I started blogging. To remember all the fun things we do and the cute things my kids will say. Otherwise I might forget some of the best moments.
    Dani is so funny! I love this!

  5. I love that you took her trick or treating in your house! So smart! I bet it was a good trial run so she can get used to how to do it on Halloween! she is a cutie that's for sure!


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