Monday, November 10, 2008

5 Things

We all have many blessings in our lives and therefore have a lot to be thankful for! Even during those trials or bad days in our lives, which we all have, I know there's something we should be thankful for.
I challenge you to make a list everyday for the month of November of 5 things you're thankful for (since the month is already into we'd better get crackin'!). You can do it on your blog or in a journal, so long as you write it down (Mine's to the left). None of these 5 things can be repeated for the whole month...which knocks out family, friends, and the gospel pretty quickly.
I'm hoping we'll gain a greater appreciation for those blessings we tend to overlook.


  1. That is such a good challenge. We need to get together sometime, it has been too long.


It's the cool thing to do.