Friday, November 7, 2008

Leaves are falling all around...

Tyler and I took pictures up Provo Canyon last weekend. I think we were like a week late for all the gorgeous colors up there. (Though it still was really pretty)
Ok, so after we took this picture, I noticed tons of ants crawling ALL over me. I freaked out!! They were crawling all over my legs and past my waist before I noticed (and they were huge.) Apparently I stood on their ant hill and my heel agitated it. Eww!!Yuck...I'm getting all i t c h y thinking about it!
Tyler wanted to cross the stream to take some cool picturesHe got over just fine.It was the trying to get back over part that was tricky.He got a little wet


  1. pretty pictures. =) and the ants crawling up you gave me the creepy crawlies too. Ugh =P!!

  2. oh no no no!!! i would be taking my clothes off right then and there. i HATE ants! cause you never know where they've crawled to. thats just wrong.

  3. the pics are adorable!! Did the ants bite?? I am getting itchy too!!


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