Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Do

I got my hair cut today!
If you remember a couple posts ago, I put up my ideas and a survey for my hairdo. Doing both the dye and the cut scored the highest on the poll. So that's what I did (well... just the cut so far). My sister-in-law did a fantastic job. (She always does!)
Next step is the dye, which I'm looking forward to.(not the best before pic... but the best I could find. This pic was taken back in Aug.)

Now everyone knows what our shower curtain looks like...

It is a little bit longer than her's so I think I'll have Marie touch that up when she does the coloring too.


  1. Well you're sweet. Thank you with being so patient with me this morning. . .stopping to pick up kids feed kids and all that good stuff. Man good thing I don't have to deal with that in a salon. But you do look very sassy and the color will just be the icin gon the cake. I'm glad you dig it!

  2. great hair! i love it! maybe i'll get mine cut the same, but i'm dark brown for hair color. great job Marie.

  3. I love it!!! Marie did a faboo job! Looks adorable on you Emily.

  4. I love you hair. It's your sister inlaw who cuts it? How much does she charge? I'm not looking for a big change right now but last time I cut my hair the lame girl butchered it. So I'm just keep someone in mind.

    Shoot, is she in CA?

  5. I love it, I love it, I love it. Very fresh, young and hip. You totally rock that hair style!!!


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