Monday, November 10, 2008

Any one else excited...

For Christmas??!
I know, I know it's still early November and I personally think it's too early to start watching Christmas movies and decorating. But when it's raining like this, I can't help but think of the Christmas season and I feel all giddy like I'm a kid again. I'm from CA and so it rains at Christmastime.... the snow is mostly cool here in Provo, but it's still the rain that really gets me into the season. It seems every year, when going Christmas shopping in my hometown, it rains and for me that just sets the mood.
I got to tell you, I know I'm going to start listening to Christmas music soon, because once this giddiness starts, it's hard for me to let go. I can't help it. I know some of you might disapprove of starting so soon. "You gotta wait until after Thanksgiving" but I still celebrate Thanksgiving. And I think I give it appropriate attention. For the days around it, I spend my time thinking about the first Thanksgiving and what I am and should be thankful for. It's still an important holiday.
But there's a Christmas season and it seems to f l y by for me... faster and faster each year too. I've heard lots of different ideas of when the Christmas Season officially starts, ie September 1st because it's the start of the -ber months or the Sunday nearest to Nov. 30 because it's the start of Advent (maybe I have that all wrong).
For me each year it starts at different time. There is no offical start time in my head. It happens when it happens. You start noticing it within the people around you. People seem more bright and cheery. And you start to think that just maybe we're all wishing for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. (Or maybe I just get more cheesy around this time!! )
Anyway... (this is longer than I anticipated) I'm still excited for the season and really happy about the rain today!
And that I have the day off work!!


  1. I totally know what you mean...I have been working on my christmas inventory since october so I am excited that it's finally coming! Things are going to start to get REALLY crazy around the UPS store, and even though it's out of control, I still LOVE it. This will be my first christmas without the UPS store in like 5 years! enjoy the madness for me!

  2. i have been DYING for it to be christmas since like september! i really want to start decorating, but eric is adamant about keeping christmas until after thanksgiving. boo. but i know exactly how you feel...

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I have indeed started listening to Christmas music already and love it! I'm from California too, but for as long as I can remember, it was always sunny on Christmas. What part of Cali are you from? I say start indulging in Christmas now, before it passes by too fast!

  4. I've been listening to Christmas music since the day after Halloween when they started playing it on the radio. I love it. Don't try to fight the Christmas spirit! We're probably decorating soon too. Why not? It will just make the season last that much longer.

  5. I'm super excited for Christmas this year, I've no idea why! I totally decorated already!

  6. i always listen to christmas music way early...we've been listening to it since before halloween!! there's no shame in that :) it's a great holiday!


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