Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's Yours?

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition, food, or recipe (or all)??

My favorite Thanksgiving foods that I drool over a few days prior have got to be String Bean Casserole, The Pink Stuff, and pies, pies, pies. MMMMMM!!

I absolutely love String Bean Casserole and make it many times a year. I always double the recipe and that fits nicely into your normal casserole dish. You can find the recipe on the back of the Fried Onion Cans, or I just can tell you (cause I've got it memorized!)

The Pink Stuff is a family tradition. My Aunt makes it every year, even though none of her kids like it. Basically it's just me and my sister eating the bowl ourselves. No one knows exactly what it's called, so we just call it The Pink Stuff, but here's the recipe (it's super easy and may not sound the greatest, but, oh, it is:

One can of Fruit Cocktail
One tub of Cool Whip
One tub of Cottage Cheese
One box of Jello Powder (usually Strawberry)

**Drain the fruit and mix together!!

And as for Pies, you can pretty much never go wrong with them. I love all sorts....pumpkin, banana cream, chocolate.... the list goes on and on. Are you salivating with me??


  1. you're a goof, drool girl. And i'm sad cause they're not coming this Thanksgiving. i think it's because it's too hard to leave Christopher and come all the way to my house. Sad day.

  2. well, plans have changed and we are going to their house tomorrow, so anna will get her pink stuff...her disgusting, horrible pink stuff (which i'll probably end up making). i told my mom that this year we should put sour cream in the pink stuff instead of cool whip. she wouldn't go for it, though...


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