Monday, January 4, 2010

I just know someone's staring at me

Last night we arrived home from our 2 week Christmas vacation (in lovely CA) to our cold and quiet apartment.  We unpacked a little and ate dinner.  I went to bed about a half hour after Tyler because I was checking my email.  I walked into our room to find Tyler sleeping (and snoring...poor guy's congested) on my side of the bed.  I was really confused and just stood there, staring, wondering why the heck he was sleeping there.  Well, I know my pillow's more comfortable than his.... 
As I was silently deciding whether I should hop into his side of the bed or not, Tyler suddenly sits up, both of us startled, and groggily says, "I was warming up your spot," then plops over to his side of the bed.  I was taken by surprise and said, "Oh, thanks!"
I walked out of the room and just started laughing.
My husband's awesome.
I thought that was really sweet and thoughtful since I'm basically a human popsicle.

Oh, and the blog is staying Christmas for a while.  The site I normally get my stuff from isn't working (and hasn't for a while) and I don't know how to get rid of this layout completely when I add another a background from another site.


  1. i'm still laughing. very nice, but i played it in my head, and its kinda funny.

  2. That is too cute!! What a wonderful husband :)

  3. That's great...I wish my husband would do that!

  4. That's so sweet of him to warm up your side of the bed.


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