Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vacation, all I ever wanted

We spent 2 joyous weeks in CA with my family for Christmas.
All of my siblings were there (which is rare) to celebrate Christmas and my dad's 60th together.
Here are a BUNCH of pictures from our vacation.
Plus a picture of my boots at the bottom that some of you had been asking about

On our way to Sizzler for my Dad's b-day

My dad has food in his mouth

So my brother, Jordan, came out randomly dressed like this wizard and FREAKED out all the kids.

It was hilarious!

Danica wasn't fazed though

We visited my friend Sarah and her little family.

Nick and Danica are only 2 weeks apart.

Before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve!

My sister, Laura, got giant underwear for Christmas

Danica's 1st Christmas!

My sister, Eileen, had a baby shower the morning after Christmas

Anna and I were struggling to take pictures that day

My mother and I

All the siblings and my Grandma, celebrating my Grandma's 80th and my Dad's 60th

Kalla celebrated her 10th b-day

Addalie turned 4. We all went ice skating that day to celebrate

The birthday girl with the 5 month old birthday girl...right before we noticed Danica had a very (to say the least) messy diaper

Danica likes to hold her bottles on her own now... she's still learning though.

Here's Keiran sitting in Danica's Bumbo. I kept finding the little boys sitting in it.  They loved it.
They would sit in the room all by themselves enjoying their seat.

We took Danica out to stretch during our trip back to UT and she instantly grabbed the steering wheel.
She drove us the rest of the way home.

Well here are my boots

The pictures stink, but one is dark brown and the other is black

Here's Dani at 5 months... and a couple days.


  1. what a busy and fun holiday season :)

  2. i love all the pics. good times, good times. my girls are asking when we can go to utah.

  3. He was borrowing the costume from a friend... Why? I really don't know... except that my brother (and his friends) are a little random.

  4. It was so good to hang out with everybody! I'm glad you and Tyler were able to come up! Hope all is well!

  5. Fun vacation! Tyler is a hairy beast, lol! So your necklaces in the pictures are way cute! Did you make them?

  6. Did you find a tutorial on how to make the necklaces or did you just figure it out? I would love to make one myself, so if you could teach me how that would be awesome.

  7. i love your rosette necklace! did you make it? if please!! :) and i can't believe danica is already 5 months...oh how time flies!

  8. How fun that you guys got to go to EG too!! Yes, I fed my girls rice cereal the week before the sweet potatoes, but my doctor said to try new things sooner so the babies don't become iron deficient. With Hannah we waited awhile to do fruits and meats and she was iron deficient and had to take a supplement. Anyway, Bailey has done excellent with food but Brynn spits it out a lot. I don't think she has complete control of her tongue yet, but she is getting better each time we give it to her.

  9. It is so awesome to see all of your family together! What a big group of people, I love it.


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