Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A packed closet.....

but I've got nothing to wear!
Ok, that's not true.

But some days it feels like that.
I had days like this before having a baby... but now I notice my clothes just fit me differently, and I don't like it.
I don't have too much to spend,
but I feel like I basically need to start all over.
Help please.
What are some of your favorite pieces to wear?
Tops, pants, shoes, jewelry?
Favorite anything... whether it be your basic staples or not.
Also, since having a baby, I don't get out much.  I don't really know what's in style.  I feel out of touch  (not that I was really in touch with fashion before).  Any pieces you wish you had?

Oh, don't you wish you had your own styling consultant?!  I feel like I'm in a rut most days.  Some of my clothes still fit me, so it'd be nice to just post pictures of all of them somewhere and have someone else figure out how I should piece them together or what kind of accessory to add to the outfit.
That sure would make dressing easier!


  1. Hi there Emily, the best thing I can recommend to stay current when getting out is an issue is to read fashion blogs and gossip blogs. Even some mag subscriptions. From there you can gauge an idea of what you like and begin the search for it online. is one of my favs. Basic cottons in endless colors and everything is super cute as well as comfy--rare. another great one. All you have to do is know your size and go from there. One site will need you to the next and before you know it you'll have your style mapped out. good luck!

  2. i so understand! i'm in the same boat. i feel like i have no clothes and the ones i do have are outdated and not fitting me right (well...NOTHING fits me right now but i'm trying to be baby is only 3 1/2 weeks old so it's okay right?? hehe). i am going to go shopping once i lose some more weight so i'm hoping that's soon because i hate getting dressed!

  3. I completely understand! It's rough having your body change so much and it never really is the same as before. And now I'm back to getting big again...just when I was mostly normal! ;) Ha! The sacrifices we make for our kids! But I definitely think you are WAY more in style than I'll ever be!

  4. Don't ask me! LOL After baby I became a jeans and t-shirt girl. Which is good for tim because that is just what he likes. I can't be bothered with whats really in style because I am all about comfort! Sad isn't it? Too bad you don't live close, I am giving away boxes of cute shoes and clothes that I just don't wear anymore. If it makes you feel better, i think you always look cute in pictures!

  5. So I would hold off buying too much yet. I have continued to lose weight so I am under my pre preggo weight now and it sucks cause now all of my clothes are officially too big. My black leggings have been so wonderful :: I add them to pretty much everything. I am actually going to wait to buy too much stuff until after I finish nursing.

  6. as for using what you already have...
    use polyvore to play around with stuff. I know you love polyvore.

  7. the best advice i can give as far as fashion is to try to get pieces in your closet over time that are timeless... things that aren't going to become out dated fast because they are too trendy... getting a few different pieces that layer well can help you find ways to mix and match different outfits while having less in your closet, like a few different colored sweaters that can be worn with shirts you have in your closet already, or tucking a shirt in can change an outfit, as well as adding a belt... i think the most important thing with fashion is looking nice and put together and not so much the trends... signature pieces are great too, like a great pair of boots or flats that have something about them that stands out but that are versatile enough to wear multiple times and not appear like you're wearing the same thing everyday, if that makes sense :) i hardly ever buy anything in stores anymore because there are so many great deals online and often you can find ways to get free shipping too...
    as far as fashion inspiration, there are a ton of blogs/ fashion sites as well as most fashion magazines have websites as well, with content comparable to what is in the magazine, and it's free... if you don't have a lot to spend on a wardrobe then don't spend it on a magazine you'll look at a few times and forget about...
    fashion money saving tips, avoid the brands (they're over rated anyways) and avoid spending your money on magazines when you can put that toward a new shirt or something...
    a few websites i like:

    and those sites generally have links to other fashion sites/ blogs as well... sorry for the novel...

  8. I'd give suggestions too but I'm still wearing sweats most of the time- and it's been over 6 weeks! You always look amazing and put together when I see you!


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