Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 year anniversary!

(wow 2 posts in one day!)

It's our 2 year anniversary!
Nope, not our wedding anniversary, but our BLOG anniversary!

A friend of mine said she just looked back to her first post to see when it was written, and I was curious to see when our first blog was written.  February 24, 2008, 3:50PM.  Yep.
In two years, we've started quite the blog family!  We've had 3 more bundles of joy to take care of, since then; making this blog family a family of 4.  And those 4 blogs have brought in 246 posts!
My has the time flown!
In all seriousness, I'm really glad we started this blog.  Sure, I feel like I've made some embarrassing posts sometimes, but it's fun for me to read back through this little journal of mine.  I love being able to keep in touch with so many friends and read about their happenings!


  1. happy late blogiversary. Awww, you're still such a baby. It's funny for me to remember I've been doing this almost 10 years. I started when I was pregnant with Kaitlyn. Crazy huh.


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