Monday, February 8, 2010


I love V and Co.  This lady thinks of amazing things,
and that's probably why she gets set with amazing giveaways. 
There's one HERE that I would really like to win.  Go check them out.


While Daddy was watching/talking to the
Colts or the Saints (not sure which team) Sunday afternoon,
Danica and I took a picture.  
We both wore our ruffle shirts that day... nope, not on purpose.
(she wanted the camera more than she wanted her picture taken)

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  1. Hi Emily. To answer your questions, Maddy is in the 17th percentile for weight, and 24th for height. She is still being mostly breastfed, so my doctor told me to just offer her a bottle of formula before bedtime in addition to what she gets from me. She also recommended feeding her whole milk yogurt, such as Yo Baby. She didn't really go into specifics on how many times a day to feed her solids, but I generally have been trying about once or twice each day. Danica's formula intake sounds really normal to me. I think they generally consider anything from 24 to 32 oz to be normal for that age. Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting our blog. :-)


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