Sunday, February 21, 2010

Insert : Plug

Alright, for those of you who check my fashion blog, the new fashion item is up now. HERE

I'm very excited about this week, because it's the first week the new rules are being implemented.  Megan has picked a cute dress and a fun theme for us to follow.

For those who have been thinking about joining in on my fashion blog, please feel free to participate.  And don't feel intimidated.  I know nothing about fashion, but I like to pretend I do sometimes (... at least in my head).  This is my way of playing dress up and not spending any money!

It's just a small bunch of people submitting outfits based on a certain clothing item chosen ahead of time.   It's all in the name of fun.  And it really is fun! 

Let me know if you have any questions about it.  If you don't even know where to get started check out Polyvore.  (Or ask me) 
I think the more the merrier!

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  1. i don't quite get the whole polyvore thing, i know how to make outfits but don't get how i take an item you select and add things to it from the site, if that makes sense... oh well, i like voting on the outfits though :)


It's the cool thing to do.