Thursday, February 11, 2010

best dream ever

I woke up from a dream this morning that involved a purse similar to...
It opened up top like a normal purse, with a zipper up top,
but then there was a button snap on the front of the purse
(like this, in purple)

that allowed the front of the purse to fold down,
revealing a new section to the purse.
With a push of a button, a cartridge full of my makeup and new supplies, so organized, popped out.
And with another push of a button, my hair stuff came out.
They were all so neatly arranged by color. 
There was even a compartment that included
my straightener and curling iron.
Plus so much other open space and
the purse wasn't any fatter from the outside.
It was like Mary Poppin's purse.
AND it was marked down to $3!!
It was on a shelf right next to the $2 shirts.

I hate waking up from dreams like this.
So, hurry up!! 
Someone invent this, so my dream can come true.


  1. Now THAT is a purse I would love! We really need to get someone on making one.

  2. oooh, that IS a good dream!! I wish I had dreams like that...I have the mose annoying, weird dreams when I'm preggo. I don't even like to go to sleep these days!!

  3. you dream about purses, and i dream about backpack fax machines ( was made out of bamboo, too...weird). i haven't come on here in forever. your background's really cute, except it's ahrd to read when the text is on the brown line. anyway, i hope you're doing well. peace out!

  4. i mean hard...not ahrd...duh.


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