Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a baby shower!

We had a baby shower for my sister Eileen last Saturday! 
She's due to have a baby girl
on Feb 18th!
I only regret not taking pictures of the prizes I made.  I made some necklaces that I thought were pretty cute, but I never took pictures of them.  Oh well.  I'm sure I'll make more anyway.
Here are some pictures of the day.

Do you like my phone in the picture?
*Side note about this cake*
I was quite prepared making this cake and the day before the shower
I put it in the fridge ...cut and frosted, just not covered with fondant. 
I saw that there was a jar of spaghetti sauce tilting towards the cake and I was worried it would fall on it sometime during the night.  So I moved it. 
As I moved the jar, a two liter bottle of lemonade rolled
and fell right on my cake. 
It was smashed!
I pulled the cake out and it was unrepairable.
It was 10:00pm and I ran to the store to grab two more boxes of cake, more eggs, and more frosting.
My lovely lovely lovely husband Tyler made the two cakes for me
while I finished making the pom pom mobile you can see in the pictures. 
Then, he woke up early Saturday morning and not only did what I had done with the cake before it got ruined the night before, but rolled out the fondant and decorated the whole thing for me
because he knew just how I wanted it!
He is the best!
This is the Bottle Race game.
It's kind of like hot potato and musical chairs mixed.  They passed the bottle around while the music played and once it stopped,whoever had the bottle in their hands had to drink it.

It landed on Heather, but her daughter snatched it and started drinking. 
It was too funny!
Napkins folded like shirts with the fork, pen, and games tucked inside

Rebecca, Jessica, Eileen, Marie, Adrien, Shannon, Megan, and Heather

Sisters, Sisters...
The favors
"Thanks from Eileen's bun in the oven"


  1. oh my gosh everything is soooo cute!! Sorry about the first cake but Tyler was such a hero :)

  2. How do you have time to be so cute??? What's your secret?

  3. Super cute shower! And I'm pretty impressed by Tyler's cake! Ha!

  4. I snuck (sp ??) on to your blog. I thought you did such a wonderful job for the shower! Everything was so cute and the cake was awesome!

  5. I can tell this was an amazing shower! You thought of everything! How fun!

  6. you did a good job on the shower and Tyler's cake looks great!

  7. Your husband IS lovely! I cannot believe how nice he is! PS. I saw you in the walmart parking lot tonight!

  8. Way cute baby shower. Makes me want another rugrat, well, almost. LOL

  9. You are so crafty! Everything you do turns out so dang cute!

  10. I am incredibly impressed that Tyler knew what to do with the cake... and that he did it without being asked! Everything is so adorable! Good job!


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