Monday, February 8, 2010


Does anyone know if you can/should use a regular stroller for jogging, instead of a jogging stroller?
A regular one meaning one like THIS?

If not, I was looking into THIS stroller

If you have a jogging stroller already, what are some features you like or dislike with it?
What should I be looking for?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. so we don't have a jogging stroller yet but we will definitely be getting one asap. We used to jog with our regular stroller and it has officially broken(luckily we have another one :) I don't know what features to look for :: I figure as long as it rides well and you have a place to put baby stuff it's good? good luck and let me know if you find anything great :)

  2. I don't think a regular stroller works very well because of the wheels. I would definitely get one similar to the one in the second picture. Look on craigslist and garage sales in the summer for some really good deals. We got ours at a garage sale and it works great!

  3. If you are going to use it for running, buy the jogger, and not a cheapie! As an avid runner, trust me! The big wheels make a HUGE difference {you can buy them that swivel and lock in place for running} and also the weight it a big deal. Most non-jogging strollers that have the big wheels are made of heavy metal, it's not fun to push while running. A good jogger is made of aluminum and is light weight. This also makes a huge difference. That is just my 2 cents, We are going to get a new one soon and I am looking for a BOB on Craigs List. They are pricey, but the cadillac of strollers! Good Luck!

  4. You can run with a regular stroller, you just have to lock the front wheels. It's doable, but it is definitely way better to run with a jogging stroller. I don't really know what to look for since I have been lucky enough to borrow a jogging stroller from someone in my ward. So good luck in your search. I would say to see what brands are out there and read the reviews on them.

  5. I don't have any advise for you, since one I don't jog and two I don't own a jogging stroller, but I do think that if you are going to run a lot you should get one, I can't imagine running with my stroller now.

    The one I am lusting after right now is a Phil & Teds. I don't think they are really a jogging stroller, but they have the same wheel set up. I just want it because it can be converted to a double and back to a single, it's a double stroller that is inline and is the same size as a regular stroller. It's so expensive though, so I'll keep lusting until I figure out if I can aford it. :)

  6. I just bought a BOB jogging stroller, and it is heavenly. They are pricey, but I figure it is a good investment because I hear they last for years if you take care of it. The second pic you have up looks like a good jogging stroller. My only problem with most jogging strollers is that the front wheel is usually fixed, and doesn't swivel. My BOB can swivel or stay fixed, and that was my biggest concern. I just remember jogging with my mom's stroller that had a fixed front wheel, and it was really annoying to jog on anything besides a perfectly straight road. You are supposed to only jog with a fixed wheel so the stroller doesn't go out of control, but I have found it easier (and not unsafe for the speeds I jog at) to jog with a swivel wheel. But I would definitely not recommend jogging with a regular stroller. I tried that just 2 times and it significantly wore on our stroller. Plus it was an uncomfortable ride for Nick. Let me know what you end up doing!


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