Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Diaper Rash!

♪ ♫ It was a painful bash ♪ ♫ more ways than one... kind of like my version of Monster Mash.

Danica had her first diaper rash starting Monday.  She had very minor ones when she was first born that went away after one diaper change.  This one was pretty bad.  It was so sad!
Monday night I googled diaper rash and found some tips to help get rid of it.  I thought Monday's diaper rash was bad, until I met Tuesday morning's diaper rash.  Poor girl was in pain, so I put those tips to use.
I changed her diaper and wiped her with a warm wash cloth, instead of wipes.  Which she didn't mind.  Then I laid her on her activity mat, with no diaper on, while I got a towel for her to lay on so she could air dry.
I came back and she had peed on the activity mat.  So I cleaned her again and put her on the towel to air dry while I brushed my teeth.
When I came back I saw that she had pooped and was rubbing her legs and feet all in it.  I rolled her to her back so I could clean her off, but her kicking got more poop on her leg and she kept flinging it around. 
I finally got her all cleaned up and put some ointment on her bum.  Of course, Miss Curious-Wiggleworm doesn't hold still for that.  I'm holding her legs up with one hand, have ointment on my other, and she keeps grabbing my hands, and her toes, and kicking, and twisting to grab any other thing.  (That's how all her diaper changes have been lately.)
It was a mess.  The ointment was all over my pants, her, my arms, and the towel.
As I grab a wipe to clean my hands, so I can put on her diaper, Danica rolls over, off the towel, onto her stomach with the ointment face down on the carpet.
After all this, I do have to say, though, that Danica didn't cry once in pain during that whole process (unlike Monday, using the wipes) and she LOVES to be naked!
I soon mastered the cleaning routine, and basically pinned her legs down with my legs.
Now, Wednesday, her rash is gone!


  1. What ointment did you use? I'm always curious since there are so many out there! I let colby have naked time occasionally. ;)

    Glad her bum is feeling better!

  2. Ahaha! I hope it was all worth it now that her rash is gone, but what a mess!

  3. Hey there. Thanks for the comment. I was scrolling down below and saw Eileen had a baby! I have lost contact with her, does she have a blog? Mine is private, so I need her address to invite her to mine. Tell her congrats for me!

  4. brings back memories. i'm so glad the rash is gone. poor little thing

  5. I love diaper rash cream. It always seems to work wonders...

  6. haha, what a feat! I love this super active, but not quite mobile, stage!


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