Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Too long

Tyler and I went to the temple last night.  I hadn't been in over a year!  That is far too long and a little embarrassing to mention!  I know I didn't go while I was pregnant and I haven't gone since Danica's been born so that's 16 months right there.  Oh wow!  We have been to weddings in the temple in that time, but still. 
I missed that special feeling, felt only in the temple.  I missed everyone walking around in white with smiles and using hushed voices.  I loved that when I read the little information on the person who's work I was doing, I was able to feel a little connection to her.
This year, Tyler and I (with the help of his sister Candice who will be babysitting) have decided to go out at least once every month.  One month we'll go to the temple and the next month we'll go on a date, and switch back and forth.  Both of those goals are a step up from where we are now, and I'm excited!


  1. We went to the temple this weekend and it had been a while, but we had to drive 3 hours so that was our excuse! ;) Glad you'll get to go out more. It's amazing how hard it is to get out once you have a kid!

  2. Don't worry. You're not the only one who goes a year in between temple visits (frankly, I'm glad I'm not the only one, too :). I've done it too. After you have a kid, it gets extremely hard to get out, especially if you breastfeed them. I was able to go right before my girls were born, but that was the last time for me. Looks like I need to go again too. Good for you for getting out and going!

  3. do you mean on WEEK you'll switch off going on a date and then temple? shame shame i know your! i'm glad youre able to go.

  4. I totally now how you feel! I was talking to my mom about that same thing recently, and how I was feeling guilty because I wasn't making it regularly. She told me that we are all in a different season of life...right now our responsibility is at home with our children, teaching them the gospel. She told me there will come a time when I can go regularly, and not to beat myself up over it. That made me feel much better!!

    Good luck with your new plan!!

  5. i think most people have goals to go to the temple more often than they are. man, last year, shaun and i were going once a week and we were doing really good until they closed it for cleaning. then we got out of the habit. we still go once a month or so, so i guess it's not that bad. dude...we went last night for our ward temple night and there was a guy in the celestial room who did not know how to whisper. he was probably in his late 60s or in his 70s. he was talking to 3 other people who were all whispering, but whenever he'd say something, everyone in the room could hear. it was really distracting. and during the session, shaun sat next to a guy who made him feel like a little kid. the dude was tall (probably 6'7"), thick, and fat. it was crazy. but yeah, going to the temple is great. i want to go more often. and i want to go to other temples too and see what they're like.


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