Sunday, February 28, 2010

In sickness and health

 I thought this was a really sweet video

Also, my FASHION BLOG is ready for your votes!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I love buying things online!

On Wednesday, this came in the mail!

I decided to get a double stroller rather than a jogging stroller... cause I remembered I HATE running.  The double will be nice when we have 2 kids.  Just thinking ahead.

Tonight I bought this online:
I'm really excited for this one!  It makes it possible for me to use any True Type fonts or Dingbats on my computer or found online on my Cricut.  So I don't have to buy another expensive cartridge!

Tomorrow I'm going to buy this baby: 

I qualify for a new phone (finally)!  I did not like my last phone.  I'll probably get the Razzle.
How come once I'm really starting to get in the groove of a daily routine with Danica, she decides to change it?  It happens all the time.  She's a growing girl and I know change is inevitable, but a little heads up or clue here and there would be nice.  Haha.

One of the many things I've learned as a new mom is that plans can (and most likely will) change.  So I just expect plans to change... or sometimes don't even make any.  And I try to give myself a lot of extra time to get things done.

The life of a mom with a 7 month old:

*We bought a package of 96, size 2 diapers, and after about 5 diapers and 3 leaks (yuck!), I'm thinking she needs to be moved up to a size 3.  I guess that's ok because diapers always seem to run out faster than you can say....... well anything.

*Words to remember: Sleep when you can.  Shower when you can.  You don't know when you'll get another chance.

*Just gotta say, I wish we had a laundromat in our house.

*All those baby toys are cool, but if they're not put away you've got to be careful where you kneel because velcro and nylons do not mix!

*Actually, just forget about buying toys...all the things you've already got laying around the house - they like those better anyway.

*While you're at it, you might as well forget the burp cloths.  It doesn't matter where you place it, the spit up is not going to land there.  It will land everywhere, but on the burp cloth.

(Honestly, though, I probably use about a bigillion burp cloths) 

Well, even so, I can't look at my life and not see all the positives in it, as well. Being a mom is so rewarding... all the adventures I have are actually quite fun!  Maybe not in the moment, but I wouldn't have traded a single one of them.  And even in the moment, with just a quick look and a smile from Danica any stress I have is forgotten. I love it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 year anniversary!

(wow 2 posts in one day!)

It's our 2 year anniversary!
Nope, not our wedding anniversary, but our BLOG anniversary!

A friend of mine said she just looked back to her first post to see when it was written, and I was curious to see when our first blog was written.  February 24, 2008, 3:50PM.  Yep.
In two years, we've started quite the blog family!  We've had 3 more bundles of joy to take care of, since then; making this blog family a family of 4.  And those 4 blogs have brought in 246 posts!
My has the time flown!
In all seriousness, I'm really glad we started this blog.  Sure, I feel like I've made some embarrassing posts sometimes, but it's fun for me to read back through this little journal of mine.  I love being able to keep in touch with so many friends and read about their happenings!

Too long

Tyler and I went to the temple last night.  I hadn't been in over a year!  That is far too long and a little embarrassing to mention!  I know I didn't go while I was pregnant and I haven't gone since Danica's been born so that's 16 months right there.  Oh wow!  We have been to weddings in the temple in that time, but still. 
I missed that special feeling, felt only in the temple.  I missed everyone walking around in white with smiles and using hushed voices.  I loved that when I read the little information on the person who's work I was doing, I was able to feel a little connection to her.
This year, Tyler and I (with the help of his sister Candice who will be babysitting) have decided to go out at least once every month.  One month we'll go to the temple and the next month we'll go on a date, and switch back and forth.  Both of those goals are a step up from where we are now, and I'm excited!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Insert : Plug

Alright, for those of you who check my fashion blog, the new fashion item is up now. HERE

I'm very excited about this week, because it's the first week the new rules are being implemented.  Megan has picked a cute dress and a fun theme for us to follow.

For those who have been thinking about joining in on my fashion blog, please feel free to participate.  And don't feel intimidated.  I know nothing about fashion, but I like to pretend I do sometimes (... at least in my head).  This is my way of playing dress up and not spending any money!

It's just a small bunch of people submitting outfits based on a certain clothing item chosen ahead of time.   It's all in the name of fun.  And it really is fun! 

Let me know if you have any questions about it.  If you don't even know where to get started check out Polyvore.  (Or ask me) 
I think the more the merrier!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Diaper Rash!

♪ ♫ It was a painful bash ♪ ♫ more ways than one... kind of like my version of Monster Mash.

Danica had her first diaper rash starting Monday.  She had very minor ones when she was first born that went away after one diaper change.  This one was pretty bad.  It was so sad!
Monday night I googled diaper rash and found some tips to help get rid of it.  I thought Monday's diaper rash was bad, until I met Tuesday morning's diaper rash.  Poor girl was in pain, so I put those tips to use.
I changed her diaper and wiped her with a warm wash cloth, instead of wipes.  Which she didn't mind.  Then I laid her on her activity mat, with no diaper on, while I got a towel for her to lay on so she could air dry.
I came back and she had peed on the activity mat.  So I cleaned her again and put her on the towel to air dry while I brushed my teeth.
When I came back I saw that she had pooped and was rubbing her legs and feet all in it.  I rolled her to her back so I could clean her off, but her kicking got more poop on her leg and she kept flinging it around. 
I finally got her all cleaned up and put some ointment on her bum.  Of course, Miss Curious-Wiggleworm doesn't hold still for that.  I'm holding her legs up with one hand, have ointment on my other, and she keeps grabbing my hands, and her toes, and kicking, and twisting to grab any other thing.  (That's how all her diaper changes have been lately.)
It was a mess.  The ointment was all over my pants, her, my arms, and the towel.
As I grab a wipe to clean my hands, so I can put on her diaper, Danica rolls over, off the towel, onto her stomach with the ointment face down on the carpet.
After all this, I do have to say, though, that Danica didn't cry once in pain during that whole process (unlike Monday, using the wipes) and she LOVES to be naked!
I soon mastered the cleaning routine, and basically pinned her legs down with my legs.
Now, Wednesday, her rash is gone!

Monday, February 15, 2010


My sister, Eileen, had her baby last Friday, the 11th. 
Reagan was 6lbs, 7 oz, and 20" long. 
She is such a cute, sweet baby.  She's seems so content. 
We visited them yesterday and I was able to get some pictures. 
I also had to get some pictures of Danica, too, on her first Valentine's Day!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

best dream ever

I woke up from a dream this morning that involved a purse similar to...
It opened up top like a normal purse, with a zipper up top,
but then there was a button snap on the front of the purse
(like this, in purple)

that allowed the front of the purse to fold down,
revealing a new section to the purse.
With a push of a button, a cartridge full of my makeup and new supplies, so organized, popped out.
And with another push of a button, my hair stuff came out.
They were all so neatly arranged by color. 
There was even a compartment that included
my straightener and curling iron.
Plus so much other open space and
the purse wasn't any fatter from the outside.
It was like Mary Poppin's purse.
AND it was marked down to $3!!
It was on a shelf right next to the $2 shirts.

I hate waking up from dreams like this.
So, hurry up!! 
Someone invent this, so my dream can come true.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is Pain?! FRENCH BREAD!

Is it bad to eat basically a whole loaf of french bread in two sittings? 
Especially when it, with some spinach dip, becomes your lunch?
Ok, if it's not bad, then it's definitely sad!
Oh and it will, for sure, be gone by tomorrow.

Pain - is how you say bread in French

Monday, February 8, 2010


Does anyone know if you can/should use a regular stroller for jogging, instead of a jogging stroller?
A regular one meaning one like THIS?

If not, I was looking into THIS stroller

If you have a jogging stroller already, what are some features you like or dislike with it?
What should I be looking for?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


I love V and Co.  This lady thinks of amazing things,
and that's probably why she gets set with amazing giveaways. 
There's one HERE that I would really like to win.  Go check them out.


While Daddy was watching/talking to the
Colts or the Saints (not sure which team) Sunday afternoon,
Danica and I took a picture.  
We both wore our ruffle shirts that day... nope, not on purpose.
(she wanted the camera more than she wanted her picture taken)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So cute

The winner of last week's challenge and new fashion item are up on
When I check on Danica, most nights I find her like this.
She's typically curled up on her side with her hands by her face.  I think it's cute that she's holding her blankets, which practically never stay on her.  She's turned so that her head is where her feet used to be.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How the time flies!

Danica turned 6 months old on the 2nd of February!  It is so crazy how time flies!  I'm so glad she is still such a cuddle bug.  I think it makes her growing up a little easier.  It is exciting, though, to see her progression.  She is such an awesome baby, we don't know if we'll have anymore after her, because we're afraid they won't be as good.  Just kidding.  But really, we're spoiled!
Danica is learning new things every day!  
If you just want to see pictures, go ahead and scroll down. 
Here's some of the things she can do.
♥she can roll in both directions ♥sit unassisted for a few minutes ♥grab objects and pull them to her ♥talk, and talk, and talk (baby talk, of course) ♥eat solid foods really well ♥she smiles and laughs (so cute!) a whole lot more ♥she enjoys tummy-time ♥she can put herself to sleep (hallelujah!) ♥she moves like no other in her crib (I'll have to take pictures of her in various positions as she moves in her sleep) ♥when she gets put down in her crib she instantly tucks in, pulling her feet up and rolls to her left side.  she then puts her hands by her face and falls asleep...sometimes pulling her blanket over her face. ♥she loves being in her jumper ♥she blows spit bubbles ♥she likes to grab and pull hair or pinch our faces ♥she seems pretty observant and watches us intently ♥she sometimes holds her bottle while she drinks....
and I could really go on and on
Here's Danica on her 6 month b-day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a baby shower!

We had a baby shower for my sister Eileen last Saturday! 
She's due to have a baby girl
on Feb 18th!
I only regret not taking pictures of the prizes I made.  I made some necklaces that I thought were pretty cute, but I never took pictures of them.  Oh well.  I'm sure I'll make more anyway.
Here are some pictures of the day.

Do you like my phone in the picture?
*Side note about this cake*
I was quite prepared making this cake and the day before the shower
I put it in the fridge ...cut and frosted, just not covered with fondant. 
I saw that there was a jar of spaghetti sauce tilting towards the cake and I was worried it would fall on it sometime during the night.  So I moved it. 
As I moved the jar, a two liter bottle of lemonade rolled
and fell right on my cake. 
It was smashed!
I pulled the cake out and it was unrepairable.
It was 10:00pm and I ran to the store to grab two more boxes of cake, more eggs, and more frosting.
My lovely lovely lovely husband Tyler made the two cakes for me
while I finished making the pom pom mobile you can see in the pictures. 
Then, he woke up early Saturday morning and not only did what I had done with the cake before it got ruined the night before, but rolled out the fondant and decorated the whole thing for me
because he knew just how I wanted it!
He is the best!
This is the Bottle Race game.
It's kind of like hot potato and musical chairs mixed.  They passed the bottle around while the music played and once it stopped,whoever had the bottle in their hands had to drink it.

It landed on Heather, but her daughter snatched it and started drinking. 
It was too funny!
Napkins folded like shirts with the fork, pen, and games tucked inside

Rebecca, Jessica, Eileen, Marie, Adrien, Shannon, Megan, and Heather

Sisters, Sisters...
The favors
"Thanks from Eileen's bun in the oven"